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Shopy shop is a mobile app that combines grocery items so you wouldn’t have to go to more than one shop to get your shopping done with home delivery. Some of the other features are many methods of payments that contain cash and cards, return strategy, following order status, select city, product details, and many others. It also allows them to search the product by name.


This feature allows searching the product by name. They can simply enter the name of the product to search for it.

ShopyShop - Search
Shopy Shop- order Collection


Search products by their collections and product names. The user can click on a category to see all the products in it.


During the development process, we came across some challenges. We had to continue the values and inventory stocks of the farmers in real-time. The app should have a spontaneous user interface with additional features like user managing, product item, product search with shopping cart and payment methods.

Shopy Shop - Shop Online


The Shopy shop we designed contains all the features along with many more. When the customer enters the site, he/she can view several products in separate types under different sections of products. Shopy shop allows the customers to browse over the products presented in the online shop, select the required product and select from several sizes, categories, colors, designs.

ShopyShop - More Screens


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