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Software Testing & QA

Software Testing & QA

We deliver software testing & QA services for mobile applications and desktops, to manage the quality of your product.

Excellent Software Testing 

Our services are directed to help you achieve quality and ensure that you have a secure online survival. We are proud to be a part of this prestigious list and is dedicated to providing excellent software testing & QA services to our valued clients.

Software Testing & QA

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Software Testing & QA Services

Functional Testing
Our Functional Testing Services ensures the functionality of the software application that operates in the rightness with the requirement specification.
• Use the latest automation tools & frameworks.
• Meet functional expectations, for users.

Localization Testing
It is a type of software testing, is a vital part of the localization testing process that aims at making applications, websites, and other devices.
• Executed best at the localized version.
• Specified operations on localized OS.
• Validate constancy and accuracy.

Automation Testing

We follow the best practices and a process-oriented approach to ensure faster release and time to market.

  • Saves time & money.
  • Achieves the accurate results.
  • Executed on multiple computers with different configuration.
  • Runs test scripts anytime.

Performance Testing

The process-centric performance testing ensures your application performs well under the envisage workload.

• Determine the responsiveness, scalability, and dependable of systems.
• Access production readiness.
• Comprehensive recommendation and analysis for improvements.

Security Testing
The rise in these attacks and exploitation of organisation vulnerabilities has made security testing a vital part of software development process.
• Security evaluation.
• Protect company reputation, partners, clients & third parties.
• Risk management.

Usability Testing
Usability testing is being implemented early in the development phase. This type of testing includes testing UI & UX. The competition is at its peak, creating user friendly, unique, & hassle-free applications.

• Enchant the users.
• Get guidance from experts.

Some Brands We Work With

nmu - clients sataware
  • Planning

    Application Understanding Access
    Test plan
    Clarification Tracker

  • Report

    Test summary report
    Compatibility report
    Metrics & Dashboards

We work with

Businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies helping to empower you and encourage people to get behind your cause.



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