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    BI and Big data consulting

    Big Data Consulting

    We assist organizations to build innovative products and platforms using Big Data, analytics.

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    Provide strategy

    We provide BI and big data consulting, strategy, and implementations on diverse big data platforms. Our team deep upended knowledge helps us to create purpose-built solutions to meet business requirements.

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    BI and Big data consulting

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    BI And Big Data Consulting Services

    Data Warehousing
    Focuses on capturing & integrating only structured data from various sources for analytical reporting, structured queries & decision making. It cannot grip unstructured, raw, or complex data.

    Data Lake
    A centralized repository that accumulates structured or unstructured data the way it is, without the structuring of data & supports processes like the dashboard, real-time analytics & ML for informed decisions.

    Data Processing
    Manipulation & processing of data into the usable form using a predefined sequence of operations done either manually or automatically to get meaningful insights enabling users to choose the output that suits the requirement.

    Data Integration
    The collaboration of technical and enterprise processes to combine information from varying sources and provide a united view of data of the company’s data assets for retrieval of meaningful & valuable information.

    Some Brands We Work With

    nmu - clients sataware
    • Business Needs
      We gather all the information about the organization and collect all the data available. To process the data and assist our clients to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency, we build our client’s enterprise needs.

    • Data Processing
      Our squad of data scientists enables the clients with data processing by extracting, transforming, and loading the data to view enterprise data.

    • Design & Implementation
      We allow clients to gain intuitions from large, complex, and variety of data sets which enables data developers, enterprise analysts, and data scientists to ingress data with their choice of analytic frameworks and tools.

    • Data Strategy
      After figuring out the business needs, we prepare the business strategy. Our squad builds a model for surviving the data of an organization. We define a set of strategies and plan to execute the processes.

    • Training session
      Our team provides a training session for the clients, which makes it easy for them to understand the system.

    • Data Visualization
      We create a graphical illustration of our client’s statistics and data. Our data visualization service assists our clients to apprehend trends, outliers, and design in data.

    We work with

    Businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies helping to empower you and encourage people to get behind your cause.

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