Which Backend Is Best For Flutter

Every application is created with a  background to run, from a simple registration app though a larger communication app. If a user enters some data such as login id etc, it must be stored somewhere and once the user comes back and enter the login id app must retrieve the user data to make this process every application either may be a mobile app or website there must be a Backend for it, which runs with languages such as PHP etc, and makes nitration with SQL to retrieve, manipulate, and interprets data from the database management system. There are many numbers of backends available from open source to paid once according to the developer requirement. Let us now discuss some best backend for a flutter.

Which backend is best for flutter


It is a cross-platform tool kit for developing the mobile as well as a web application, the main advantage of this is with a single code you can make an app for multiplatform.

Backend as a service (BaaS)

It is a cloud-based model to provide the developer with an automated backend function with hassle-free cloud infrastructure management. As the BaaS provides the developers with back end code creation tools and make them relive from server maintenance, data management, push notification, etc. Let us discuss some.

Which backend is best for flutter

1.Parse server (open-source)

One of the best open-source BaaS created a combination of Facebook and the open-source community.it provides quick access to MVP with less effort it provides a large amount of pre-built SDK for app developers it provides the modification API without code. As its server is open-source so it provides an anytime access server and better UI.

2. Firebase

It is a real-time BaaS developed by Google to provide the developer with a real-time app development such as a communication app or web app the basic version of this BaaS is free of uses with up to 100API, push notifications, etc, it is one of the NoSQL databases with follows JSON protocol for data manipulating, storing, retrieval, etc, it comes with test lab feature.

3. Backendless

It emerged as a Mobile backend as a service but now it has its service for a web application it provides the user-defined API for its developers it supports visual programming.

4. Back4 app

 It is one that uses the parsing platform but it acts as a solver for the downsides of Open source Parse. This has a user-friendly CLI nd make developer customize their backends.

5. Hoodie

It is one of the java scripts’ first backend for web applications now it is been used for mobile. With its technological features, it makes development very easy it is a Dream code-driven API. One of the main downfalls is it is fully offline based.

Which backend is best for flutter


With the discussion above you can pick a perfect fit for your application. In our opinion going with firebase make the app development better. If you like to go with open source parse will be a choice.