How Does Salesforce Help Organizations Increase Their Sales Productivity?

Sales productivity is the product of its effectiveness and selling of products and services is not enough, but also it is most important to have a loyal relationship with your clients. Because it’s a key reason for your successful business. Salesforce is one such tool that helps streamline your sales process and boost sales productivity.

What is salesforce?

Today, Salesforce is the world’s leading developer of CRM solutions primarily based totally on cloud technologies. The platform gives a variety of tools and services not only for relationship management but additionally for custom app development, focused on each small companies and massive industries. With Salesforce, you could find out insights into clients, higher recognize their wishes and treat them as if you are personally acquainted.

4 approaches CRM facilitates you develop your business

Find the right clients

Without a CRM system, 79% of all advertising leads are never transformed into sales. sales and advertising may have an entire view of leads and possibilities for you to create and goal attractive communications to show prospects into customers and attain key decision-makers faster.

Reduce the cost of sales

The chance of promoting to a new prospect is 5%–20%. The chance of promoting to an existing customer is 60%–70%. New customers are a key aspect of continued growth. however, they’re not easy — or cheap — to return by. The proper information is you can offset new customer acquisition fees through sales productivity in your existing customer base.

Increase worker productivity

Fifty- percent of high-performing salespeople recognized themselves as power users who take complete gain in their corporations’ CRM technology.

Improve customer retention

A 5% discount to your customer defection rate can grow earnings 25%–85%. Visibility across all of your relationships can assist your groups in proactively address at-risk accounts and present glad customers with new possibilities at simply the proper moment.

Why use salesforce CRM?

Why Use Salesforce CRM?

The following blessings of this excellent CRM will make your work experience more pleasant:

Ease of use

You don’t have to be an IT professional to install and manipulate apps — you simply want to log in and begin blazing trails in your customers in a new way. Salesforce gives an entire view of the customer, so you can make selections easier.

Rich functionality

The platform is replete with default capabilities and templates appropriate for maximum business and organizational needs.


To carry out customization, technical knowledge is needed. You can combine your apps, make essential alterations, delete or upload features, and increase them.


The platform can develop because the commercial enterprise expands, adapting to all new specs, and providing sufficient garage space.


Sales representatives have the opportunity to track customer activities, examine them, and count on purchaser wishes. The machine creates reports, pictures, and dashboards that assist degree performance, locate the important factors, and enhance upon them.

App exchange

This is a unique market in which you could locate heaps of apps for integration with Salesforce. Such exercise enhances customer engagement and improves performance.


Its dedicated crew and a massive-scale network usually take consumer comments into attention and launch new functions 3 times a year, constructing up very good popularity for the product.

How to use salesforce for sales: five tips

We provide you with 5 realistic pointers on the way to use Salesforce CRM for sales productivity, and which gear to implement in each situation.

How to Use Salesforce for Sales

Sales automation

The first aspect you need to do for enhancing sales the use of Salesforce is automating your sales pipeline. Sales Cloud is precise for developing frictionless e-Commerce and customer stories and consists of a big range of capabilities.

Lead management

More leads can convert into real income if you path and assign them to the proper sales reps.

Sales data

You can get the present day and maximum correct information without problems with Lighting Data and solutions. They mechanically replace critical records with approximate contacts, leads, and accounts, supporting your power tactics. Two free tools — Data Loader and Excel Connector — import and synchronize records from various sources.


You can add Salesforce in your mobile device and work from any place as if from an actual office.

Workflow and approvals

Use the Visual Workflow device to design and visualize any business process. Approve requests immediately via Chatter or e-mail without delaying deals.

Marketing automation

A specialized device, Marketing Cloud, facilitates manipulate advertising tactics and sell your corporation merchandise via various channels.

  • Journey Builder to make connections throughout all channels and electricity 1-to-1 relationships with clients.
  • Email Studio to construct customized e-mail campaigns.
  • Salesforce DMP to seize and spark off records from any source.
  • Data Studio to gather amazing information and prompt it for locating new audiences.
  • Social Studio to interact with customers through social media channels.
  • Advertising Studio to create goal ads.

Service automation

A customized Service Cloud manages the support (technical, records, carrier, etc.) of clients on the after-income stage. It focuses on fixing maintenance tasks and automates the key functions of this process, optimizing cooperation with customers and increasing their satisfaction.

Collaboration automation

The Community Cloud solution gives a possibility for corporations to arrange interactions among clients, companions, and employees. The capability of the carrier enables the change of records in a real-time mode, the switch of any files, information on a desk-bound, or mobile devices.

Analytics automation

Analytics Automation

Analyze information faster, display hidden insights and possibilities, and turn data into revenues with the commercial enterprise tool Einstein Analytics. The AI-pushed device is capable of consolidating information from all sources, examine all feasible combinations, make predictions, and supply recommendations.


How does Salesforce help Organizations Increase their Sales Productivity?

Salesforce is a device with multiple benefits that could substantially enhance your commercial enterprise performance. Hence, it has to be taken into consideration whilst selecting a CRM in your corporation. Nevertheless, you need to recollect that even the nice virtual structures can’t update peoples in the retail industry.