Google BI Tools – Microsoft Power BI vs Google Data Studio

The most popular two giant companies’ business intelligence tools are Power BI and Google Data Studio. BI tools companies are making accurate results about business issues. Google BI tools provide data-driven evidence to help the problem-solving process. Nowadays, not only upper management access to data. Every level of the organizational hierarchy is leveraging BI tools to crack into the data that must be important. That may help you build dashboards and reports to calculate performance, goal setting, and take benefits of many other functions of google BI tools without having to write code.

Google BI tools

The data discovery is used to be limited to sophisticated analytics experts, still, do the process by everyone using BI tools. These tools deliver perceptions into things like growth, solving current problems, collecting all data from a single location, predict forecasting results, and so much more. Many BI tools available for BI consultants in the market, and some of them differ in robustness, integration abilities, ease of use, and pricing. In this article, we will go deeper into the BI tools delivered by the two giants’ companies: Microsoft and Google.

Google BI Tools – Microsoft Power BI vs Google Data Studio

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence platform solution that provides without technological business users tools for aggregating, visualizing, analyzing, and data sharing. That BI is the user interface is fairly instinctive for users familiar with excel and its flexible integration with other Microsoft products makes it an adaptable self-service tool that involves a little bit of upfront training.

Data studio

Data studio is a tool, that reporting Google’s solution for power users want to the data and dashboards of Google Analytics. The widgets of Data Studio are prominent for their variety, customization, and interactive controls. Data sources such as YouTube, AdWords from Google products, spreadsheets, etc, database connectors, file upload, and communicate connectors to familiar marketing services.

Google BI Tools – Microsoft Power BI vs Google Data Studio

Power BI vs Google data studio

Ease of accessibility

It is reliable on what kind of suite you ready to work with. Do you ready to work with Google Analytics or Microsoft? Both companies are drag and drop features that permit to produce reports almost proximately and easily.

Power BI shares UI aspects with Microsoft Suite such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, and Google Data Studio be like the interface of AdWords and Analytics. So, you feel like you do not well-known Google Analytics and their terms, you may find the navigation slightly difficult. On the other hand, you need to be more than an Excel beginner to get your grasp on Power BI. In addition to the above, Google Data Studio has fewer functionalities. This makes it simpler and easier to use than Power BI.


When it compares to the Google Data Studio cost, the good news is unquestionably free! undoubtedly you keep using a variety of processing data visualization functionalities without cost to use this tool. All you want only activate a Google account and a need to visualize it.

As the Power BI tool is a much more complex data visualization application, the cost similar to Google studio. While you can use free at the starting time and Power BI gives two plans, both are monthly payments based upon the scope of your company and measure the data processing and visualization functions how much you require. Plans vary on each type of companies sizing, from the Power BI Pro permits the Maximum size of individual data set to be one GB and ten GB for Power BI Premium, maximum storage of ten GB per user for Pro, and hundred TB for Premium.

Data transformation

Data is available in you to desire which type of format you like. Cleaning and transforming data are a crucial part of the analysis. Power BI has the benefits of Power Query is a data connection technology that lets you clean your data. It is an ETL tool to connect several types of data and also use Data Analysis expressions to create formulas and expressions. Power BI is the ability to achieve a lot of high-risk data transformations.

Google Data Studio waits behind in this repute. The only real transformation to do is combine datasets from different sources using a JOIN key. Hence, Data Studio assumes that you have ready to clean the data for visualization.

Integration with data sources

Fundamentally, Google Data Studio is simple to connect with Google suite products instead of you are never seeking to connect with data sources outside the Google suite. It is a whole list of each data connector to connect through Google Data Studio.

Power BI also the same as google studio, which gathers data from several sources such as Microsoft Excel, Salesforce, GitHub, and Azure analytics and cannot connects with Google services. Using SuperMetrics connector, that is the only way to collect data from Google services from Microsoft power BI tool, it is a complete list of data connectors to connect with Power BI.


Finally, we have deeply discussed the most popular Google BI tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Google Data Studio. You need a limit of cost, go for the free version of Power BI or the Google Data Studio. You have nice and clean data, never carry out any data clean-up process, combining & merging before visualizing, and don’t display data from different sources in a single chart, etc. then go for Google Data Studio. On the other side, you expect custom software solutions to execute complex data transformations, is a desire to pay, want to view details from advertising systems outside of Google, then Microsoft Power BI is the best way to achieve your goal.