Top 15 Mobile Ad Networks And Platforms

The ad is the major support for the publisher to earn some income from their published products, starting from a printed publication to the online world. In mobile ads, Ad Networks provides a platform to link the advertisers and app publishers. With the help of mobile ad networks, the publishers can get income through the published ad.

Top 15 Mobile App Ad Networks and Platforms

Types of mobile Ad networks

1. Native mobile Ad networks

The Native Ads are related to the publisher’s product. For shopping on E-com, you will get some promoters produced of the same category of your search.

2. Video mobile Ad networks

The video Ads may be a self-promotional or third party Ad with may get in the publisher’s products. For example, some mobile games give some rewards once you watch a video.

3. Interstitial mobile Ad networks

It may be a promotional ad by a publisher that may appear on the full screen of the content. For example YouTube ads.

4. Banner mobile Ad networks

The banner ads are mostly promotional ads from the advertiser on the publisher app.

5. Offer wall mobile Ad networks

There is the user engagement ads and may be used over the related product of the same publishers or third party.

Top 15 Mobile App Ad Networks and Platforms

TOP 15 mobile app Ad networks

1. Google Ad mob

It’s a leading platform for Ads over the app, the publishers can simply signup with this and make earning with in-app ads. With its automated tools, the task may become easy. It provides a wide variety which may fit every category, every size, everywhere. With its advanced insights you can even notice your customer response over your ads.

2. Ad colony

 It is one of the best platform for game developers which provides the In-app monetization solution from 2008. It provides the various types of format with may improve the user experience of your app. The major format involves full-screen video, aurora HD interactive video, HD playable, interstitial displays and banner ads.

3. Unity Ads

  It’s a two-way platform that helps the advertisers and publishers to make indirect contact with each other. Where publishers get in-app motorization, In-app purchases (IPA), and it helps in to make perfect ad strategy.

4. Vungle

 It is a global advertising company with provides the publishers with an innovative ad from the advertisers with monitoring and in a user-friendly experience.

5. Smaato

  A global platform that reaches over one billion individual users provides the RTB Ad exchanger which makes a link between the supply and demand and it provides the cost per mile reward for the users.

6. Chartboost

It is a game based Ad platform which provides the high revenue for every impression, with its classic SDK ad gives a perfect finish and gives the uninterrupted UI.

7. Fyber

A motorization platform for the publisher and advertisers with CPM and has automatic optimization of AD.

8. InMobi

 It is also a CPC and CPI campaigns launched in 2016 with reach over millions of users.

9. Appnext

It provides an ultimate and interactive way to monetize and provides the ad in all forms such as a recommended app, video ad, carousel widget, etc.

10. Ironsrc

It is one of the largest in-app video Ad networks for game developers.

11. Mopub

A twitter company to provide the app publishers with a monetization solution with an impressive level of revenue data.

12. Flurry

It is also said as a most adopted app analytics lanced in 2008, it provides an ad and analytics solution.

13. Airpush

It is been the most comprehensive and high earning solution for publishers. It provides seven styles of format.

14. Leadbolt

A high-performance Mobile Ad platform with in-app motorization.


 The largest pool of advertisers and its tools help in-app monetization and also for game motorization.

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 In this there is the top Ad platform for the mobile app, you may get choose one out of it to make your app earn, and at the same time, it should satisfy customers. With a good app development team, your app attracts a large number of users once you have large users, it’s time to make some earning.