Software Development Lifecycle – A Way To Locate Your Manner As A Product Owner?

The software development lifecycle is a framework, it covers the detailed development, distribution and maintenance plan for the software. SDLC defines the full development cycle, all activities involved in planning, developing, testing, and delivering a software product.

Software development life cycle stages

  1. Requirements gathering

 This phase is the relevant information is collected from the user to developed a product according to his expectations, any ambiguities should only be resolved at this stage.

  1. Design

This stage derives the requirements collected in the SRS document such as the inputs and the software architecture used to implement the development of the system.

  1. Develop or coding

Develop /coding begins once the developer receives the design document, The software design is translated into source code.

  1. Testing

Testing begins once the coding is complete and test modules are released. At this stage, the developed software is thoroughly tested and any defects found are assigned to the developers for repair. The regression test of the new test is carried out to the point where the software conforms to the expectations of the users. The testers refer to the SRS document to ensure that the software conforms to the user standard.

  1. Maintenance

After the implementation of a product in the production environment the maintenance of the product. if problems arise and need to be fixed or if improvements are needed, the developers take care of it.

Advantages and disadvantages of SDLC

  • Save time and money.
  • Develop communication.
  • Make sure there is transparency in the workplace.
  • Also, limit the threat ability for the duration of any given improvement challenge.
  • Develop a great product that your end users really love.
  • Bad product and dissatisfied user. Your customers would possibly speak horrific approximately your software program, and accordingly, nobody can pay for it.
  • Bad team communication. This can lead to totally disorganized team management.
  • Overspending, if your product and its features aren’t well thought out, you’ll probably want it to spend greater allotted finances on solving the insects and troubles that occur.
  • Missed time limits.

Benefits of having a product owner guide through prioritization

  • Transparent requirements.
  • Easier decision-making.
  • Knowledge of the timeline.
  • Reliable procedures and clean planning metrics.
  • Avoid misunderstandings.
  • Perquisites for your team.
  • Solid Work business.
  • Dedication to key desires and priorities.
  • Increased morale and motivation.
  • Knowledge of work and project reports.
  • Limiting disruptions within the workflow.

Product owner displays product complexity

In order to help the team to recognize the scope of the product development and work greater effectively with you, the client uses different techniques consisting in the mapping of floors in the subdivision of floors and in the definition of standards of attractiveness at the project level. The best gain of precise project splitting is having management over the development procedure and averting sudden problems.

Software development lifecycle works with agile sprint

The traditional agile dash is best for weeks or a month. The team will begin each sprint with a sprint planning session. Currently, the cross-platform team is reviewing the backlog. Then, they decide on some strategically promising initiatives to work on and assign tasks.

When to choose?

Agile and Waterfall are the ultimate SDLCs typically used, but how do you know which is best for your challenge Waterfall works exceptional for initiatives which have well-described deliverables and urban timelines. On the alternative hand, in case your challenge’s constraints are unclear, Agile is the higher SDLC because it permits the developers to be greater flexible they could evolve the challenge’s making plans as the work progresses.

  • Don’t have a concrete timeline or constant finances.
  • They don’t know all the requirements.
  • Not complicated forms could delay the decision-making process.
  • Quickly you wants to conquer the market.


It has been an absolute spotlight of my expert career, so I determined to write down a case to take a look at describing at duration my product owner enjoy for the duration of the shipping of the challenge.