React Native Latest Version – New Features Overview

React Native is a popular JavaScript based mobile app framework that lets you create React Native mobile app for iOS and Android. This framework allows to create an app for different platforms using the same code base. React Native was first released by Facebook as an open-source challenge in 2015. Within a few years, it turned out to be one of the great solutions used for mobile development.

React vs React native

React Native that’s powered through React and allows developers to apply a fixed of UI additives to fast develop and release iOS and Android apps. Both React and React native use a combination of JavaScript and a single markup language, JSX.

Cross-platform development

Cross-platform development is the development of a software program suitable for multiple types of hardware structures. A cross-platform app can run on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS or just them.

React Native Latest Version – New Features Overview

Flipper integration

React Native is now incorporated with Flipper. This is a debugging device that makes it very clean to test what’s going on within the app’s native logs. Its superior design Inspector may be used to debug native additives and the network plugin affords you the ability to look into outgoing community visitors on your app.

Log Box remodels

A whole remodel of Log Box is every other huge change. It modifies the manner the software informs us approximately mistakes and warnings, which you may purpose at some stage in development. The new version additionally affords greater records on wherein to look for the sources of the problems.

Pressable element

The Pressable element delivered in React Native 0.63 is a big step towards reducing the variety of stories where users get a part that doesn’t have the native experience. It detects user interactions in a more advanced manner than the likes of touchable opacity. It is written to make certain higher compatibility with the ever-growing variety of structures supported through React Native Web, Desktop, etc.

Benefits of react native

We’ve discussed the goods developer with the use of React Native so let’s flow onto the blessings of React Native development and why you ought to pick it as a method to develop your mobile app.

Code reusability & cross-platform development

Being capable to reuse code is the most important gain of React Native, and it suggests that apps can run successfully on more than one structure that’s something that CEO and product owners sincerely appreciate. Another wonderful piece of information is that it is possible to apply network software code for mobile app development if everyone is using React Native. This speeds up development times as it consists of advanced add-ons which are covered in the open source library.

Large developer network

React Native is an open supply JavaScript platform that allows developers to create contributions of their expertise to the framework’s development that is freely handy to all. If a developer looks at a problem while growing an app, the app may jump to the net for help as of mid-2020, there are nearly 50,000 people active at the React Native tag in Stack Overflow.


Another advantage of React Native development is the efficiency of adding value. This is because developers can use the same code to develop packages for iOS and Android. It approaches that you should not hire separate iOS and Android development groups to complete your challenge, and a small team is enough to develop it. Fast refresh allows developers to run the application by updating it to new variants and changing the user interface. The changes appear immediately, and the developer does not have to rebuild the entire application. This ends in sizable benefits and time savings as programmers store time on compilation and increased productivity since they don’t lose any country whilst incorporating adjustments into the app.

Simple UI

React Native development makes use of React JavaScript to expand the app interface, which makes it is faster with reduced loading times which improves the average user enjoyment. Thanks to the reactive UI and elements primarily based totally method, the framework is best for developing apps with each easy and complicated design.

Fast packages

Some claim that React Native code could negatively impact the overall performance of an application, although JavaScript may not run as fast as native code this distinction is imperceptible to the human eye.


We hope you will learn all the vital functions of the latest version of React Native. If you are having update issues, you can hire React Native developers from any of the leading React Native app development companies.