Serverless Architecture

It is a design pattern where the management of Infrastructure is been avoided to build, run, and service it. With this, the application can be run on a third party server such as AWS, Microsoft Azure. As it provides the databases, storage systems, server to run your application.

Serverless Architecture

Benefits of serverless architecture

1. More efficient use of the resource

Once you need to increase the profitability you must need to reduce the total cost of ownership, which can be achieved by shifting to serverless technology and may reallocate the resources as a starting step of accelerating new innovation.

2. Dynamic scalability

As for serverless operation, the infrastructure for servers can be downscaled because the serverless can match your demand for the workload.

3. No infrastructure management

The management of infrastructure involves a lot of tasks for the developers, with the serverless platform you can simply bring the code into action with high availability.

4. Faster time to market

It provides more functionality in a shorter time and reduces the operation dependencies on each of the development cycles.

Serverless Architecture

PaaS vs FaaS

Platform as a server is as much similar to the function as a serverless architecture.

As in PaaS, your application is developed as a single unit using some frameworks such as ASP.Net, ruby, Flask, and Java Servlets, and scaling is done at the application level.

Where in FaaS your application is composed as a separate and autonomous function. Which is hosted and scaled automatically by the FaaS provider. By making this effective and may get paid for the call of the function.

AWS serverless platform

It provides the full set of managed services to build and run a serverless application. This does not require the provision, maintenance, and administering of the backend to compute, storage, databases, API Proxy, message queuing, stream processing, and much more.

Azure serverless architecture

It has the Azure Functions, app service, and web jobs, you can build traditional microservices, run workload in Docker and pay at the endpoint.

Serverless Architecture


The serverless architecture provides the best way for hosting the app, whatever may be the function smaller or more complex. With this, you can select the pre-defined templates and make a common communication app without the need for a host.  But in this, it only avoided you from the backend, any way coding of your app is necessary which needs an app development team.