How to Promote a Mobile Application to Increase the Number of Installations?

One of the biggest challenges you face while developing a mobile application is the part after you’ve created it. Your launch and promotion strategy is important to make sure your app is a success. Getting app downloads and installs isn’t easy!

10 Powerful strategies to boost mobile application downloads

Create an enticing app Icon

Your app Icon can be specific and Simplicity is best – you don’t need it cluttered and confusing to the eye. Your app icon is the primary aspect someone sees in the app store, so the design you choose is important in your success. As users scroll through the app store, yours need to come out as attractive and recognizable.

Name your app creatively

A memorable name can entice those who land on your app to keep a web page to download it. Your mobile application has to be easy to consider and create immediate brand recall. Create an app name that is to be unique, short, and sweet. Don’t ever use names that already exist.

Powerful Strategies to Boost Mobile App Downloads

Get your app store optimization (ASO) strategy right

ASO allows in enhancing your app’s discoverability and visibility throughout app stores through optimizing various factors that outline it for a user. Key factors that play a vital function in discoverability are app title, description, keywords, screenshots, videos, scores, and reviews. In many ways, it is similar to search engine marketing and performs a crucial role in your app boom strategy.

Social media outreach

Before you decide on which social networks to use to construct your app’s public persona, you need to decide what attitude to start from. This method of your social media voice should healthy your app’s personality. But don’t simply post information and promotions regarding your app to those platforms. Create conversations and interact together along with your fans. Reply to comments on your app’s voice to increase engagement.

Such a courting will increase word-of-mouth reward of your dedication to customers, and increase downloads as a result. Social media like

Get your users to rate and review your app

Word of mouth is to perform an important role in everyone’s life. Rates and Reviews are very essential to the boom Number of Installations of your apps.

Few suggestions to boom Rate and Reviews

  • Use in-app achievements as a hallmark for user engagement.
  • Prompt to rate and review your app the use of push notifications and in-app notifications while they are most engaged.
  • Timing the activate is crucial. Use send-time optimization to personalize the prompt and delivery to every user ensuing in extra reviews and ratings.
  • Tackle bad reviews and extract the important information that may assist in enhancing your app.
  • Incentive users to review your app.

Market your app effectively 

Bloggers, media personalities, opinion leaders, in addition to owners of big and medium platforms (pages and businesses in social networks, chats in immediate messengers, and different social media) can offer a brief promotional impact as well.

Do not contact the most famous bloggers if you aren’t the chief of your category. Offer cooperation with smaller players, particularly if they have simply started. Their expenses might be much lower and the audience might be extra loyal.

Powerful Strategies to Boost Mobile App Downloads

Convert website users into app users

It is crucial so that you can have a dedicated website. Micro-sites were a fashion for maximum apps because they’re the primary factor of contact for any person that comes from looking on a search engine. search engine marketing keeps staying the most relevant form of advertising for app marketers. Targeting the proper set of keywords can honestly help you attain those users in a space that also remains uncluttered, unlike the app stores. By the use of web push notifications, you can nudge website traffic to download your mobile application.

YouTube promotion

A video evaluation describing a mobile game is something like a trailer, sports ad, and gameplay description all in one. Reviews of the non-gaming mobile applications are focused more on displaying the product’s benefits and fundamental virtues. There also are video publications explaining a way to use mobile applications. The more interesting an app or a game is, the more users will download it after looking at the review. Create your own YouTube channel to publish videos and form agreements with other YouTube channels to share your videos.

Use promo codes

You may offer free get entry to your app or positive content material for a confined quantity of customers. You can offer promo codes for bloggers and journalists and make preparations approximately evaluations or overviews. Another choice is to put up promo codes on app pages on social networks. Using this method, you may permit customers to get familiar together along with your app and boom loyalty to it.

Referral program

Start with human beings you know. Ask them to proportion your app with their friends. If you distribute your product as paid or shareware, you may devise a referral program. Offer reductions or handouts of game currency to your clients to draw new customers.

For example, whilst getting into a marketplace in a brand new country, Uber supplied free journeys to customers who shared Uber’s app installation link with their friends.


How to Promote a Mobile Application to Increase the Number of Installations?

There are many methods to promote mobile applications. You can best decide what will be efficient and what will not through trial and error. In this guide, I have defined the more famous and validated methods.