Mobile App Monetization Technique Which You Need To Pay Attention

The app monetization technique provides the performance of your app by your customers. It gives deeper insights and revenue from the app. In the app monetization technique, there are a lot of new techniques available for the developers to moisturizer their app. Let us discuss some of the most adopted mobile app monetization technique:


Mobile app monetization techniques

It is a cluster of the Monetization model and strategies combined together as a single technique to provide mobile app miniaturization.

1. App monetization techniques module

These modules help to gain some revenue from the app through the ad. There are three types of modules involved

Cost per impressions (CPM)

It is one of the most preferred and most earning models preferred by the developers as it may earn according to its impressions made by the users. It is also known as pay per 1000 views.

Cost per click (CPC)

The CPC refers to the price you get for each click on your in-app displayed ads. This type of app monetization model will procure the less ROI comparing to others. As in this module, you cannot predict the revenue.

Cost per action (CPA)

The CPA is a type of model where the users can generate revenue as the users on the app make some tasks like downloading the app clicking on the ad making in-app purchases and many more queries.


2. App monetization strategies

In-app Ads

In-app advertising is a monetization strategy where the Ad is been displayed on your app. It has been one of the best ways to monetize your application. As most of the ad promises to maintain the core values of the developer chosen model. This stage has different forms to display the ad in the mobile such as video ad, banner ad, Notification Ad, Playable Ads, etc.

Affiliate marketing

It’s a way of approach that in your app you are required to promote third party business such as their products, services, and much more provided by the company. If an app user tends to click the like you provided in the app and buy that product you will get returns.

In-app purchase

In this way, the monetization of your app is been easy. As in this users are allowed to use the app for free but if the users required additional offers such as coins, tokens, and etc. They need to buy it on the In-App purchases.

Most of the mobile games use this stage to make some return from the users.


It a type of routine strategy as you are providing some services to your app users and earning some return from it. It can be online learning serves or it can be an iTunes Subscription.


It involves the provision of users with the free app and to add some additional features to it you must buy its premium version of the app. As it may be a good strategic approach to make the customer’s attraction.



This is the number of techniques available for mobile app monetization. In this, you can select one of the techniques to monetize your make the app to get more revenue it must have a more number of users. So it will be good to have your app for your use once it becomes well enough and now makes it for your need.