Top 6 Python Testing Frameworks

Python still continues rising up the charts and currently ranks as the best programming language simply after Java and C, as consistent with the index posted by Tiobe. With the increasing use of this language so does the recognition of taking a look at automation frameworks based primarily on Python. Developers and testers are a little stressed when it comes to deciding on a nice frame for their project.

Python testing frameworks

Robot framework

Used mostly for development that is acceptance take a look at-pushed as well as for acceptance trying out robot framework is one of the pinnacle Python take a look at frameworks. Although it’s far evolved the usage of Python, it could additionally run on IronPython, which is net primarily based totally, and on java primarily based totally on Jython.


In the Python testing community, before the advent of pytest, developers covered their evaluations within large classes. However, a revolution became brought with the aid of using pytest because it made it possible to put in writing take a look at suites in a totally compact way than it became earlier than.

Other testing tools require the developer or tester to apply a debugger or look at the logs and find out where a positive cost is coming from. Pytest enables you to write and take a look at instances in a manner that offers you the ability to keep all values in the take a look at instances and in the end tell you which of them ones cost failed and which cost is asserted.


The pytest uses unique training means you have to compromise with compatibility. You might be capable of ease write take a look at instances however you won’t be capable of using those test instances with some other testing framework.


Pytest is an open-source testing framework it is one of the most widely used python testing frameworks available pytest helps with practical unit testing and API testing requires running Python version five or higher.


Offers compact for simple test cases.

Highly extensible with many plugins available, together with Pytest HTML plugin, which may be brought for your task to print HTML reviews with a single command-line option. Great community and lots of support help to cover all parameter combinations without having to rewrite test cases.


Pytest’s unique routines impede its compatibility, meaning that despite the fact that taking a look at instances are clean to put in writing on this framework, you won’t be able to use the ones in different trying-out frameworks.

Test project

Test Project includes all required dependencies as part of the unmarried cross-platform agent executable you can watch this webinar recording to get started.


Single Agent executable that consists of all of the third birthday celebration libraries had to execute and expand take a look at automation for mobile, internet and general assessments. Free automatic reviews in Html, pdf format including screenshots. Execution history is available via RESTful API.


The agent can run assessments one takes a look at a time, hence for parallel trying out you’d want to apply Docker Agents.

PyUnit unittest

It’s the default Python testing framework that comes out of the box with the Python package and therefore the one most developers start testing with.


Since it’s far a part of the same old Python library there aren’t any extra modules required to install – it comes out of the container with the Python package.

Offers simple and flexible analysis of case execution. Quick generation of analysis reports, XML reviews and unit test SML reports.


The intent of the test code sometimes gets fuzzy because it supports abstraction. A huge amount of boilerplate code is required because it is based on Junit the camelCase naming method is used instead of python snake case naming convention.


Testify is a unit testing framework also used for system integration and designed for a replacement testing the not unusual place Unit test and Nose frameworks, adding advanced extra capabilities to and the same old Unit test.


  • Easy to get began out with.
  • Offers considerable plugins for extra functionality.
  • Enables take a look at discovery.
  • Simple syntax.


Difficult to get parallel tests and full documentation is lacking, so beginners may need to spend more time researching relevant resources.


However, only a few gears have been popularized as testing Python is a relatively new idea introduced to the testing world. Each of the above frameworks has its advantages as well as disadvantages, and there is no such thing as good or bad, but rather suitable.