The Positive and Negative Aspects of Node Js Web App Development

It is essentially employed as a web front-end development tool and proves to be greater than a to be had customer for the development of cross-development structures. In addition, it has moreover earned popularity due to its usage in several extraordinary well-known structures which encompass React Native, PhoneGap, Titanium, Apache, Native Script, etc.


It is open–source cross-platform JavaScript that allows the development of real-time software program packages. It can also interpret JavaScript code thru Google’s V8 JavaScript engine.

Pros of node.js

The Positive and Negative Aspects of Node Js Web App Development

1. Easy scalability

One of the critical advantages of Node Js is that developers discover it easy to scale the applications in horizontal further to vertical directions. The applications may be scaled in a horizontal way through the way of manner of the addition of extra nodes to the winning tool.

2. Easy to learn

JavaScript is one of the famous programming languages, maximum of the front-end developers have awesome maintenance to close it. It will become a great deal on entire tough for them to start the use of Node.js at the backend.

3. Single programming language

Node Js offers the developers the rate of writing the server-hassle packages with inner JavaScript this we could the Node.js developers similarly to the back-end software program in JavaScript the use of the runtime environment.

4. Benefits of Node.JS

Node.js has seemed like a full-stack JavaScript for serving every customer and server-hassle software program therefore, the benefit is that you don’t need to hire separate developers for the backend similarly to the front-end development it saves everyone in each of your precious coins and time.

5. High performance

Node Js interprets the JavaScript code through Google’s V8 JavaScript engine this engine complies with the JavaScript code into the device which makes it hundreds an entire difficult and quicker for the region to impact the code in a powerful manner.

6. Support large and active community

Node.js has a huge and active community of developers who keep on continuously contributing inside the path of its comparable development and development, in reality, the corporations of developers are nicely supported thru the manner of the way of JavaScript programmers imparting ready-made and smooth solutions and codes in GitHub.

7. Getting support commonly used tools

With Node Js, the developers can get extended useful resources for several normally used tools.

8. Highly extensible

Node.js is proper to be pretty extensible, due to this that you could personalize and similarly develop Node.js as constant with their requirements You can also hire JSON to provide the scope for the extrude of data of most of the internet servers and the customer. It is facilitated with included APIs for developing HTTP, TCP, and DNS, etc servers.

Cons of node.js

1. API not stable

One of the important element troubles that most of the developers come across is the API maintains on changing at the vicinity durations and does not live stable.

2. No strong library support system

JavaScript does not have an organized and sturdy library tool in evaluation to extraordinary programming languages that save you prevent end result is that the clients are forced to take the useful resource, not common vicinity library for executing several responsibilities which include Object-Relational Mapping (ORM), processing of the images, handling database operations, and XML parsing, etc.

3. Asynchronous programming model

If you want to make the packages greater scalable, the important is the adoption of the asynchronous programming model however many developers also can discover this programming version to be extra difficult in assessment to the linear blocking off I/O programming.


Node.js is greater exceptional to the developers within the evaluation of its disadvantages what’s greater essential is the reality that it has extended the place of JavaScript program and perhaps obviously used for every frontend similarly to backend servers with the development of time, increasingly greater agency corporations have found Node.js.