How We Build React Native App: 7 Things Which Save Your Development Time

React Native is a JavaScript framework used for growing a real software program application for iOS and Android. It makes use of JavaScript to collect a mobile application. It is like React, which makes use of close-by trouble in choice to using net additives as developing blocks.

React native app

This article delineates the training mastered at some point of a 13-three hundred and sixty-five days journey, on foot a software program improvement enterprise and developing numerous mobile apps. 

This article is ready to expose the unknown secrets and techniques and strategies and techniques of realizing your goals and using React Native because of the truth the favored framework for growing a mobile app. It will communicate realistic measures as in step with our very non-public experience in growing mobile apps and permit you to apprehend approximately suggestions that labored for us.

1. Navigation

We favor using neighborhoods made with the beneficial aid of the use of WIX in our projects. It is fully featured navigation, which includes all crucial components like navbars, tab bars, and element menu drawers. It offers remarkable purchaser enjoyment for iOS and Android platforms, which encompass neighborhood animations, etc.

2. Drawer customization

You can set a custom width for the drawer, however, you want to understand there are a few variations for platforms. In Android platform, you can set the width in React Native its., in iOS platform in percents from the full-display show display width. Note it, in case you want to have custom normal drawer width thru way of way of the design.

3. Tab bar customization

In case you want to set a custom top for the TabBar, undergo in mind there may be no manner to do it easily. Want to redefine click on the tab. Sure, you can do it, however, be organized to move deep into close-by code.


Not all abilities of navigators are documented, so do no longer be afraid to open supply code of react-close by-navigation and test it to your private.   

4. Image scaling

Creating blended pix in react native app is a difficult process. According to the documentation approximately react native images, you want to apply to resize mode props. There you may discover the entirety of scaling, however, in case you need the picture to inherit dad and mom size, there can be no solution.

How We Build React Native App 7 Things Which Save Your Development Time

5. View rounding

One complex hassle is border radius. Usually, the border radius is finished to get rounded corners for a view. There are many perspectives with rounded corners like speech bubbles, buttons, card containers, etc.

6. Superb performance

React native apps are very similar to apps developed on a selected Android or iOS platform almost about performance. Since the programming language is optimized for mobile devices, RN apps also are fast. Rather than thru the way of massive use of the CPU, RN apps use the GPU. It makes them quicker than specific cross-platform hybrid technologies.

7. Better flexibility

React Native comes with a form of interface that allows several organization humans on a development organization to begin wherein each different developer left off and resume developing the app. It complements flexibility internal elements of the organization, making updating and upgrading the mobile app and a lousy lot an awful lot much less complex task. Testers furthermore discover this bendy as they may create locating out situations easily.