Why MEAN Is The Best Technology Stack For Web Development Today?

Every web or company utility generation or generation stack to increase it primarily on client needs. MEAN is one of the famous generation stacks this is depended on with the aid of using a robust developer network to develop web programs to speak about how this beneficial mean stack for web development.

MEAN stack

MEAN is a JavaScript program stack for developing websites and apps which are dynamic. A stack is a fixed factor grouped to carry out precise features on app development So, it’s far a brought benefit of the usage of the MEAN stack for web development.

Working process of MEAN stack for web development

Step 1: Whenever the patron requests within the utility, it hits AngularJS as it’s far from the patron-facet framework.

Step 2: This request from AngularJS passes into Node.js, the back-cease surroundings by Express.js, a web framework for Node.js.

Step 3: Express.js permits the request to attain the database.

Step 4: MongoDB, in which the database is controlled, accepts the request and sends the reaction to Express.js.

Step 5: Finally, from Express.js to Node.js and from Node.js to AngularJS, the reaction will attain the user.

Reasons for using MEAN stack for Web development

We are able to speak motives for the usage of this MEAN stack in detail. This will assist you to recognize how the MEAN stack is beneficial for growing web programs.

Don’t weigh down with programming languages

One of the crucial is the usage of the MEAN stack is to apply a single programming language this is JavaScript. Since JavaScript is relevant for each front-end and back-end development, the MEAN stack developers locate it to clean put into the effect of this app development generation.

Overall performance within apps

As the MEAN stack’s 4 additives offer numerous characters, collectively the MEAN stack web development is evolved with excessive overall performance. MongoDB will upload any new detail without difficulty by controlling the database. Express.js is properly labored with Node.js. Since Node.js is supplying the surest overall performance than current structures, Node.js can run one kind of working structures without difficulty. Also, the front-end component, Angular is looking after trying out, reusable code, etc.

JSON used

JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is utilized in each AngularJS and Node.js. JSON is a sort of records interchange design this is used within the MEAN stack to alternate the records without problems in all layers of the utility.

Cost effective

The MEAN stack is absolutely beneficial in developing an excessive-pace program. Since the additives are loose and open-source, app development is cheaper while as compared to different technologies. These functions imply that MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js are excellent generation stacks for developing your websites and net programs.

MEAN stack examples

Most of the big-scale groups encompass the MEAN of their generation stack. Now, we are able to see the MEAN stack real-time programs.

  • YouTube.
  • Forbes.
  • Tumblr.
  • Flickr.
  • Facebook.
  • WhatsApp.
  • Instagram.
  • Netflix.
  • Paytm, etc.

MEAN stack vs MERN stack

MERN stack is much like the MEAN stack in which the one kind of element within the MERN stack, Angular is changed with React. React is likewise a framework for growing the User Interface (UI) of web programs. For growing small programs, the development time of the MERN stack is decreased while compares to the MEAN stack. Thus, for the small apps, the MERN stack is higher. But for developing big company programs like your enterprise apps, the MEAN stack is relevant because it offers extra functions past the MERN stack.


MEAN is an excellent generation stack to create websites or net programs. So, without losing time in the usage of languages and frameworks to your utility, you may supply an attempt to this MEAN stack because it has many benefits to decorate your app functions.