What Is The Best Mobile App Programming Language In 2023?

Mobile programming can easily share many languages ​​used for web development. Having an idea about mobile app programming language ​​for creating mobile applications is useful not only for developers, but also for their customers who want to better understand the project processes and know which language to choose best for their future projects.

Mobile app programming language


Java was the official language for developing Android applications, and subsequently it is also the most widely used language. Many apps in the Play Store are built using Java, and it’s also the most supported language from Google. Java is a great language that lets you experience all the joys of Android app development. For beginners who prefer to start with something easier and then come back to it, it can be a bit more complicated.


Kotlin is the official Android app development language announced by Google. Kotlin can work with Java and runs on the Java Virtual Machine. The only major difference is that Kotlin removes redundant Java features such as null pointer exceptions. In short, Kotlin is much easier for beginners to try out compared to Java and can also be used as an entry point for Android app development.



C++ can be used to develop Android applications using the Android Native Development Kit. However, the application cannot be built entirely using C++, and the NDK is used to implement parts of the application in native C++ code.


C# is very similar to Java, which makes it ideal for Android application development. Like Java, C# implements garbage collection so there is less chance of memory leaks. And C# also has a cleaner and simpler syntax than Java, which makes coding with it relatively easier.

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Python can be used to develop Android apps, even though Android does not support native Python development. This can be done using various tools that convert Python applications into Android packages that can be run on Android devices.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Android apps can be built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using the Adobe PhoneGap framework, which uses Apache Cordova. Essentially, the PhoneGap Framework allows you to use your web development skills to create hybrid apps that are displayed through a WebView but packaged as an app. While the Adobe PhoneGap framework is sufficient for basic Android app development tasks, it doesn’t require much programming beyond JavaScript.


There are many applications like Chat Messenger, Music Players, Games, Calculators etc. which can be developed using the above languages. And there is no language that can be called the right language to develop Android apps.