What Is The Cost Of Maintaining An App In 2023?

App development process, we refer to much more than simply the process of programming and delivering a product. The long-term maintenance of your digital solution is equally important as the initial idea conceptualization and production. Considering how incredibly fast technology is advancing nowadays, your application would be outdated in a matter of months if you wouldn’t continuously update it with improved functionalities and design features.

Maintaining an app


One of the most important expenses for mobile apps is the cost of servers and app hosting. The type of server your app needs is usually dependent on the type of data that is being used by your app.


Your app’s maintenance expenses are influenced by the platform you choose to create your app for. Prepare for higher maintenance costs if you opt to create native apps for both iOS and Android. Because you’ll have to conduct separate work on each device’s developing platforms when you decide to update/fix/enhance your native application.


An essential part of your app’s aftercare is the monitoring and analyzing of the way your users experience your application. By having a constant insight into the interaction between your users and your product, you can anticipate improving, adding, or removing certain features to optimize the overall user experience.

Third-party integrations

Using licensed technology for the development of your app is a handy option, but it will cost you money. This means that you will be charged a monthly fee for any third-party content you add to your app. Over a longer period of time, this can have a major impact on the maintenance price of your application.

Customer support

Customer support is essential for keeping your users close to your product. After all, if it takes weeks for your users to receive a solution to a problem they faced when interacting with your app, it’s easier for them to delete your app and look for an alternative that doesn’t have that problem in the first place.

App marketing activities

Well, developing and publishing apps is not the end of the responsibility. Users need to know about every change they are going to make to the app to build their trust. Especially if these modifications affect the privacy, data, or payment info of users. For every new upgrade or modification in the app, you will have to do promotional activities.

Fixing bugs

Nothing will drive away users faster than constant errors and application crashes. Your app may also crash and fail due to accumulated bugs. Leaving them unaddressed for a long time can multiply your expenses.


The reason is that apps of many types are increasing in the industry. Therefore, the competition is much higher and every step taken towards the development can either improve your apps’ reputation or depreciate.