Hire top mobile app development company in Madison, WI

“As one of  top mobile app development company in Madison, USA, we have got the experience, expert team, and ‘App Store Top 10’ track record to turn your idea into a word class application people will love.”

  • Native apps built in Java, C++

  • Best quality guaranteed by code reviews and QA tests

  • 8-year experience and 78 Android apps already developed

  • We can start a project within 2 days

Key information about developing Android apps


We build native mobile applications in Java.

Our team uses solid and the most popular libraries which make us able to create apps for all Android devices and integrate them with other devices, such as smart watches and IoT devices.


Our Android development services include all key phases of building an app, starting with an in-depth analysis, through app growth and ending with support and app maintenance.

Each time we perform code review and conduct QA tests to keep the best quality.


It’s all about them. We do our best to create safe and friendly working environment for our developers to let them focus on writing great code.

Do you have an idea for an Android App?

  • It is estimated that there are more Android devices in use compared to iOS devices. Therefore, if you have an app idea, you should consider deploying that as an Android app as well.

  • Sataware specializes in Android App development. With our skillful team, we can work with you from the initial app idea to the final delivery to the Android app marketplaces.

  • The Android developers in our team can build apps for Android phones, tablets, wearable devices such as Android Wear.

  • If you have an app idea, contact us today. We will provide you a free price estimate and we’ll also complete a feasibility assessment to ensure the project is within the technical limits.

  • Hire top mobile app development company in Madison, WI

From the initial contact, you’ll have direct access to one of our team members to resolve any questions you might have by email, phone or in-person meetings.

Based on your requirements, we can discuss if it’s beneficial to extend the app to other iOS devices such as iPad, iPad Mini, and Apple Watch. With over 200 million iPads sold, having your app on iPads increase the overall reach of your audience.

Our iPhone app developers are here to deliver the most cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. So if you have an App idea, contact us now to get a risk-free quote




Let’s talk about driving your app idea to success!

  • We can start working on your project in 2 days.
  • 20 minutes free consultation for selected projects.
  • 100% Confidential Consultation! We sign NDA.
  • Clients our design.
  • DEMO week for everyone.
  • We always deliver the source code in price.
  • No obligation quote.
  • Verified Stars Client Reviews.

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