Alternatives to React JS: Top 11 Frameworks You Can Use

React JS is one of the most well-known app frameworks desired with the useful resource of the usage of the majority of designers because of its clean coding and reusability. Since it’s far a JavaScript library, builders get the right of entry to a plethora of gear and functions for growing a first-rate internet app. React JS is prominently used for growing single-web page packages. The presence of digital DOM and SPA are the essential influencing USPs of React JS.

  • Stability.
  • API.
  • Performance.
  • Ecosystem assist.
  • Package size.

Top eleven best React JS alternatives

1. Inferno JS

Inferno is the maximum excessive-profile and great react js opportunity, which has wealthy functions to wonder builders and amaze users. It gives the fastest JS libraries, and it’s been below energetic utilization with the aid of using builders seeing that 2016 of its inceptions. If you’re searching out an app that exceeds your overall performance expectations, then Inferno JS might be your great preference.

  • Hyperscript along with JSX, Vanilla createElement method

2. Preact

Preact is understood to be the smallest option to React JS however an outstanding preference for builders to construct websites, for its first-rate functions. If the overall performance of your app isn’t a concern aspect for you, then Preact thrills you an awful lot as you dig deep into it. If your intention is to increase an app like Facebook’s artificial activities system, then Preact might not be the proper preference for your business, because it does now no longer offer you the specified library.

  • Supports today’s browsers and IE9+
Alternatives to React JS: Top 11 Frameworks You Can Use

3. React lite

React lite is the ever-lightest model of React JS and has a library within an identical manner. It does no longer want any compatibility package deal as React and Inferno do require. Instead, builders can use webpack alias straightaway. It is neither the quickest nor the smallest library as an opportunity to React JS library.

  • Does now no longer assist server-facet rendering nor client-facet hydration.
  • Uses React DOM servers for working any functions within.

4. Backbone JS

It is one of the great and proper React JS options because it gives first-rate layout structure to heavy JavaScript packages with value-binding and custom activities and numerous different functions. Here is the relaxation of the Backbone JS functions a good way to consider:

  • Collections of wealthy APIS with numerous attributes
  • RESTful JSON interface for integration of all functions together along with your app.

5. Aurelia

Aurelia presents a seamless integration of your app with internet additives effectively. It has been written the usage of ES2016 and relies upon handiest on polyfills. Aurelia is an aggregate of smaller and extra-centered environments and does now no longer complies with any monolithic framework approach.

  • Can use all decided-on modules for growing packages.
  • Two-manner statistics was binding to any object.

6. Ember JS

Ember JS is one of the handy React JS options via which you could convey extra functions by writing very fewer codes. It consists of handlebars included templates that can help you do the process.

  • Automatic replacement of templates whilst there’s an extra withinside the statistics.
  • API-pleasant and improves the productiveness of builders with its make.
  • Contains all of the not unusual place idioms that enhance the improvement speed.

7. Riot JS

Riot JS is an extra developer which permits growing first-rate consumer interfaces with custom tags. These tags contain easy and exciting syntax, for that reason offering a first-rate mastering curve to builders.

  • Small-sized UI library however the powerful output.
  • Develop complicated perspectives on the usage of HTML.
  • No involvement of extra HTML root elements, fancy custom attributes, or statistics attributes.

8. Mithril

Mithril focuses on growing single-web page packages seamlessly. It is one of today’s JavaScript frameworks, that is speedy and lightweight.

  • Effective URL routing.
  • Out-of-the-container XHR utility.

9. Vue JS

This is once more one of the famous JavaScript frameworks and the great React JS options, that is to be had as an open supply. It is new whilst as compared to JS framework giants along with React JS and Angular JS. With its state-of-the-art gear and functions, it attracted rookies with the aid of using imparting a remarkable mastering curve.

  • Flexible to use, scalable libraries, accessible conventions and developer.
  • Performs quicker than React JS.
  • A modular, lightweight and excessive acting era than React JS.
Alternatives to React JS: Top 11 Frameworks You Can Use

10. Angular JS

AngularJS does no longer require an awful lot of creation due to the fact no developer may be visible unknown approximately Angular JS. If you’re growing huge packages or small apps that can amplify down the line, employ AngularJS. It is an open-supply front cease JS framework with which you could effortlessly simplify and shape the JS code.

  • Supports growing robust single-web page packages.
  • Provides set of superior Angular JS frameworks and Angular JS gear.
Alternatives to React JS: Top 11 Frameworks You Can Use

11. Cycle.JS

If you’re searching out a reactive and practical JS framework, cycle.JS might be your great preference. It makes certain that the capabilities must have the essential inputs and outputs and continues the whole shape easy with no insects or facet effects.

  • Helps you write asynchronous logic.
  • Comes with a built-in API in its core.
  • Contains functions along with streams, drivers, and capabilities.
  • Follows main (), driving force, and run ().


Wrapping up, React JS is a first-rate framework in case your concept is to make a single-web page software as your identification in website design and development. If now no longer, as consistent with your internet app concept, you could pick out the correct React JS opportunity from the above-stated lists of eleven great ReactJS options consistent with your venture requirement from the aforementioned listing or look for extra alternatives as well.