Best Calculator Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone

The calculator is a utility application that everybody uses in their day to day life, be it a business person or a student. Usually, for different functions, we need to install many applications on our android device. Here is the list of best calculator apps for Android to help you with your all calculations.

Best Calculator Apps for Android

All in One Calculator

It is a free calculator app for Android containing over 70+ calculators and unit converters characterized under construction, finance, women, health, lifestyle, and normal math. The standard calculator contains a negative sign, percent key, brackets, and history onlooker whereas the advanced mode includes memory keys and functions for roots, trigonometry, exponents, and logarithm found in scientific calculators. The unit converter supports length, weight, temperature, volume, area, and many more measurement units along with a money converter. The financial one contains interest calculators using simple and complex interests along with savings calculators and developers


A handy little calculator app that will permit you to solve any handwritten calculation just by pointing your mobile’s camera at it. The app works very well, taking mere seconds to find the handwriting, solve the equation and bring the answer. The app helps a vast variety of math equations, including algebra, arithmetic, trigonometry, derivatives, logarithms, integrals and a lot more. A similar kind of functionality is also existing by Google Lens, however, in our testing we experimental that Google’s handwriting recognition skills were not up to par, with Google Lens misreading some parts of the equation more often than not.


Calculator by Xlythe 

This is a basic calculator app accessible on the Google play store. It can proficiently do general stuff like addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. It has several inbuilt features like base conversions, graphing, and it keeps a history. It shouldn’t be a misfortune moving around the interface of the app. The app can download and a full version can be purchased for $4.

MyScript Calculator

It is an app for both Android and iOS that perform mathematical actions with features like freehand writing of terminologies on the touch screen. The screen looks like a graph paper with features like redo, undo, and trash. It also features palm rejection- i.e. it ignores the touches of your palms, useful for persons who rest their hands on the screen.

MyScript Calculator

PCalc Lite

PCalc Lite for Android has a well-deserved spot on this list as a free, very flexible scientific calculator prepared with powerful features while also open-handed you the option of many add-ons. The basic package gives you a fair quantity to work with, such as trigonometric and a radian mode, logarithmic functions, undo and redo processes, as well as unit conversions and factors. Users looking for more rule can buy additional features and procedures through in-app purchases, or spring for the complete version for $7.99.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Desmos Graphing Calculator is one of the standard graphing calculators presented in the app stores. Desmos Graphing Calculator repeatedly resolves and charts equations for operators. The calculator can design a variation of many equations, from shapes to parabolas and further. It can take an established number and make a graph. It ropes functions and differences; it can graph proponents and logs, precalculus and calculus problems, trig functions, and even statistics and probability. 

Desmos Graphing Calculator


Calcu is now one of the most popular calculator apps available on the play store. It is stocked up with all the basic features that need to be in a calculator and some of the extra features include a calculation history, memory keys. It also takes various customization structures and motion controls in adding to themes which light up the calculator app. It is not a full-scale scientific calculator but it has got sufficient functions to be a step ahead of your basic calculator applications. 


Calcbot is free and one of the top best calculator apps. It is not only an attractive decent calculator app but also is one of the very good alteration apps. It translates units quickly on the go. The easy-to-read past tape lets you use old designs to the present ones. CalcBot has a version available for apple watch which makes it much more efficient and handier.


If you are detecting for a stylish notepad style computer, then go come to be Soulver. You can easily implement multiple lines of calculation using this app and can even effortlessly correct your mistakes. The app takes a choice where arguments can be used with numbers and can be kept in memory.


It is a faultless calculator app for Android users that can perform multiple functions. The app can perform basic calculations, can convert units, convert currency, world clock conversion, and GPA calculations. This is a very helpful tool for the women as it contains a superior ovulation calculator that can calculate ovulation time and productiveness using the menstrual series promoting date. Besides, it can calculate your health by BMI and BMR metabolism. The app is so calculative that it can calculate your fuel consumption daily to preserve energy and use it effectively.


That’s because it originates with a powerful math engine and scripting language that lets users write complex mathematical scripts easily. It is an innovative app that has many influences and functions. You can make hands related to your calculations, expressions, and tables with the Scalar. For innovative people, it is a valuable application.


The One++ calculator app one the best app for the execution of the mill calculator app and it includes a widespread collection of formulations to solve most math, physics, and economics problems. You can find answers using methods for acceleration, capitalization ratio, light, rhombus, body mass, sphere, velocity, depreciation, and over many other formulas.


As the name proposes, GeoGebra focuses on solving the graph functions used in geometric operations. With GeoGebra, you can solve calculus, geometry, statistics, and algebra. The app has a very simple interface, which creates it very easy to create graphs and shapes. Graphs can be generated by dragging & dropping shapes and you get complete power to manipulate the graphs using your fingers.

GeoGebra Calculator


Here the list of best calculator apps for Android. With access to these awesome calculator apps for Android, you can simply solve most mathematics problems. If you are seeing for a good calculator app, Calculator Plus must do an excessive job.