How To Write A Privacy Policy For Your App?

A privacy policy for your app is a legal statement that must be clear, conspicuous, and consented to by all users. It must disclose how the mobile app stores, gathers, and uses personally identifiable information collected from its users. Since you will almost certainly be necessary to collect personal data, a Privacy Policy will be required by law. This article contains a simple step guide for writing a privacy policy for your mobile app. Personal information may include:


Date of birth.

Email and Postal addresses.

Purchase activity.


IP addresses.

Payment details such as debit or credit card numbers.

Privacy policy for your app 

Specify the type of information to collect from your users or visitors

When reading a privacy policy, the most important thing users want to know is how much personal data you collect. You should keep this in mind when consider writing your privacy policy.

How do you plan to collect this information?

Another important thing to consider when learning how to write a privacy policy for your app is specifying how you want to collect information from your users. You can collect data in a variety of ways including, mainly however now no longer limited to cookies, order forms, surveys, account registrations, and more.

Specify the use of your users’ information and how accessible it is to third parties

If you plan to allow third parties to access the data, you must have the consent of the user whose data you collect giving them the option to opt-in or opt-out of how you plan to use it.

Third-party app services require a privacy policy

Many other improvements and applications of common third parties require a privacy policy. If your application uses third parties for anything, from the distribution of the newsletter by email to processing payments, be sure to check the terms and conditions of the service to see what is required.

Many other improvements and applications of common third parties require a privacy policy.

What needs to be included in a privacy policy?

Privacy policy will have to inform your users:

What forms of personal information do you collect?

How users’ personal information is collected?

How users’ can request more details on the information?

What you plan to use personal information for?

Any third parties that you allow to collect personal information via your app /website.