What Are The Benefits Of Application Integration?

AI is the process of independently connected and designing a software application to work together. Businesses rely on application integration to automate workflows, increase efficiencies, and enhance interoperability between different departments and teams.

Application integration

Application integration is a collective term for mechanisms and processes that enable organizations to integrate various software applications such as oracle Siebel, ERP, salesforce, treasury management, jive, payroll system, human resource management, and many more.

Understanding application integration

The main function of application integration is to bridge the gap between different software in the department. It provides a user friendly interface to better manage data flow and share it between multiple applications.

Common applications targeted

The following types of software ideal for integration:

E-commerce optimization.

Business analytics and intelligence.

Human resource data.

Supply chain management.

Customer relationship management.


Business processes automation

For instance, data from a CRM can be integrated with an email marketing platform to deliver targeted messages to customers based on their prior behaviour or demographics. That effort could then be combined with an analytics package to measure the success of the email campaign. And all that data can be integrated with an ERP system to help the company invest resources where they are most effective.

Reduced IT complexity

Most enterprises find it difficult to use new technology effectively. The learning curve is often steep, and a new application may not work well with systems already in use. Application integration overcomes these barriers to smooth the business process by combining information and functionality from different applications into an easy-to-use interface.

Ease of use

AI provides a single, consistent access interface to multiple apps, eliminating the necessity for users to be told totally different software applications.

Data visibility

AI facilitates point-to-point integration and enhances data visibility, which enables businesses to measure, observe, and embrace data. Moreover, you can utilize data to effortlessly meet customer expectations and gain insight into business operations.

Agile and efficiency

Business processes are streamlined in increasing the overall efficiency. Communication is easier, and work takes effort and less time with better functionality and control. Businesses can respond quickly to changes in the market, minimizing the business impact of unexpected disruptions.


That’s it for the benefits of application integration. Without a doubt, fully integrating and connecting your software solutions can improve your business.