Top Node JS IDEs For App Development In 2022

The Node JS also known as Node.js is an effective JavaScript-based platform which is used to develop on line chat packages, video streaming sites, single-page applications, and many different I/O-in depth web applications. It is based on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine and is used by leading companies such as Netflix, Paypal, NASA and Walmart.

Node JS

Node JS is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment focused on server-side and network-side packages. Node JS packages are written in JavaScript and can be run in the Node JS runtime on operating systems like OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Node JS offers a rich library of many JavaScript modules to simplify web package development.


An IDE Integrated Development Environment is a software suite that brings together the basic tools needed to write and test software. An IDE typically includes a code editor, compiler or interpreter, and debugger accessible through a single graphical user interface. The software developers can write and modify the source code in the editing tool.

The compiler converts source code into a machine-readable format that is executed by a computer. The debugger checks the software for any problems or bugs. Without an IDE, a developer must select, deploy, combine and take care of all these scenarios separately. An IDE brings a lot of those development-related tools together in a single framework. The integrated toolset is designed to simplify software development and limit coding mistakes.

Application development

Application development is the process of gathering business requirements, designing, prototyping, coding, testing, and debugging software.

Node JS IDEs for app development

Cloud 9 IDE

This is a free cloud-based IDE tool that allows programmers to develop packages using popular JavaScript frameworks such as Node JS, Meteor, and others. Cloud 9 is one of the most powerful online code editors and debuggers with lots of features. Some of the features of Cloud 9 are an integrated debugger, serverless development, a full editor, and an integrated terminal.

Visual studio code

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code is one of the excellent Node JS IDE tool. It is a reliable source code editor that can be downloaded for free. It supports operating systems such as macOS, Windows, and Linux. Some of the supported programming languages ​​are Java, Python, C++ and PHP.  Some of the functions are easy code snippets, workspaces that have many roots, and the use of git.

Komodo IDE

It is a cross-platform IDE that allows software programmers to create applications using programming languages ​​such as Ruby, Node JS, Perl, etc. Some of the features of the Komodo IDE are user interface, syntax highlighting, an integrated browser and versioning, coding and editing in a multi-screen window, refactoring, smart code completion functionality, inclusion of language icons and shortcuts.

Web matrix

WebMatrix is ​​an excellent IDE tool for developing Node JS programs. It is developed by Microsoft company which is a free and lightweight cloud-based IDE programming tool. It allows developers to build robust web applications in a powerful and fast way. Some of the features of are templates for Node JS, smart code completion, and cloud publishing.


Atom is a text-based IDE tool editor developed by GitHub with modern coding capabilities. There are nearly 4 types of user interfaces and 8 types of syntax-based themes which can be pre-installed and easily customized. Some of the functions of this IDE for Node JS programming are it affords a tool for finding and replacing items, a multi-platform app, and an intelligent automatic code completion module with numerous panes in it.

Sublime text

Sublime Text is an advanced editor widely used by software developers. It has features like syntax highlight, auto indent, macro and plugins. It is an elegant text editor which supports operating systems such as Windows, Linux and OS X. This IDE tool supports HTML, SQL, Java, CSS, Node JS, and Perl programming languages.

Eclipse IDE

Eclipse is a cloud-based JavaScript IDE and developer workspace server which is used in large projects with multiple companies. Some of the functionalities that this IDE gives are language servers, intelligent commands, IntelliSense and refactoring, debuggers, and key binding.

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is an IDE tool invented by JetBrains with the help of Java and Kotlin programming languages. The editor supports different languages like Node JS, Angular JS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, and React. This tool lets you compile, run, and debug code directly from the IDE. Some of the functions provided help in coding, intelligent code finishing touch, syntax highlighting, and version control.


Node JS is a perfect preference for developers that want to build fast, scalable network applications using easy code. They can build web servers and other backend systems that power mobile apps or websites. One instance of Node.js is the yahoo climate widget, which offers weather updates from across the world.