7 Analytical Tools To Monitor App Performance

Enterprise applications encompass a wider range of technologies and are distributed across more systems and geographies every day. In such a climate, it is increasingly difficult to guarantee that applications provide the performance necessary to provide an optimal user experience.

Monitor app performance

  1. AppDynamics APM

AppDynamics part of Cisco, is a full-stack observability platform that incorporates extensive APM capabilities that can centralize and correlate performance analytics across the full application stack. Available as both an on-premises offering and as SaaS, AppDynamics provides end-to-end visibility into application performance and makes it possible to identify the root causes of problems in real time.

  1. Datadog APM

Datadog is a SaaS-based observability platform that includes strong APM capabilities. It offers end-to-end distributed tracing that incorporates browsers, mobile apps, databases and individual lines of code. By correlating distributed traces with front-end and back-end data, Datadog APM can monitor health metrics and service dependencies, helping to reduce latency and eliminate errors.

  1. Dynatrace

Dynatrace is an observability platform available as cloud-based SaaS or as an on-premises service. The platform includes advanced APM capabilities that provide intelligent observability at scale for both enterprise applications and cloud-native workloads. Dynatrace also includes an AI causation engine that, along with automation, provides deep insights into the applications and underlying infrastructure.

  1. Instana

Instana, an IBM company, offers Enterprise Observability Platform and an Application Performance Monitoring platform available as SaaS or self-hosted software. The platform includes fully automated APM capabilities to observe, monitor and fix applications and services. Instana uses stream processing to collect and analyze data in real time, providing immediate feedback with every application release, deployment and version.

  1. Gibraltar software loupe

Loupe is a log aggregation and analytics platform available as SaaS or a self-hosted offering. The platform enables organizations to gather data about .NET and Java applications from a variety of environments, ranging from smartphones to cloud-based platforms.

  1. ManageEngine applications manager

Applications Manager is an APM software product that offers visibility into application performance and the user experience, while providing additional insights through infrastructure monitoring. The platform isolates and resolves issues throughout the application stack, down to the code level. Applications Manager supports Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby and Node.js applications.

  1. Raygun APM

Raygun APM is a SaaS server-side performance monitoring platform that provides both trend and real-time application and user experience data. The platform supports .NET, Ruby and Node.js software applications. It proactively identifies and alerts customers to performance issues. It also includes an automated issue creation engine that maintains a list of the most urgent performance concerns.


There are a lot of application performance monitoring tools on the market. Most all of them target large enterprises and IT operations. It separates itself from the group by being focused on developers instead of IT operations. It is also very affordable while still providing common features needed to optimize and monitor the performance of your apps.