List of Best Junk and Cache Cleaners for Android

There are a lot of Android Cleaning apps presented on the Google Play Store. If you are confused and don’t know which one to get for your Android, check this list of greatest cleaner apps for Android to reach a conclusion.

Clean Master

            Clean Master is the best broadly used Android storage cleaner app with an extensive customer base all around the world. It destroys junk that eats up your space and storage, cleans the mobile’s memory to increase speed and performance, blocks scans, and clear bugs that could infect and interfere phone functionalities, and support save power to extend your battery life. cleanup master for android

CM Booster

            It is the smallest booster app that able to improve the performance of your device with the size of 1MB. The folder cleaner for Android cleans the junk files and virus and thus creates space to add new files or apps. Its CPU cooler cools the phone with the mean of ending the unusable apps. It’s vital when you need a small cleaning app for your device.

DC Speed Booster

            This app is effective at execution a number of tasks and acts as a cleaner, security protector, task killer, optimizer, and speed booster for Android devices. The powerful cache cleaner for Android has a healthy booster that is talented to improve the device’s speed.

AVG Cleanup

            AVG Cleaner & Battery Booster is one of the best cleaner apps which improves the device to run quicker, better performance, store more information and creates space by erasing junk and unusable folders. It cleans unwanted photos and videos, uninstalled apps, clear caches folders and identifies the app which reduces the device speed.       

CC Cleaner

            CCleaner has previously made its term by being a complete preferred cleaner for laptops and notebooks. CCleaner used to free up the storage by deleting temporary folders, copies folder and the application cache but in addition, it has the skill to clean up your messages and call log.

Norton Clean

            Norton has been in the industry of keeping our digital money since the early part of information technology. And with the increase of mobile devices, it has planned an Android cleaner app, which performances as an anti-virus cleaner and booster all the equal time. With the firm’s technical knowledge in fighting viruses and other IT threats, the Norton Clean is completely documented by customers. One of the best cache cleaner for android

Power Clean

            Power clean is one of the best cleaner and booster for Android in a quite powerful way. And by power, it can clean your phone, free up memory and boost application tasks by a single tap. It washes phone by cleaning unwanted apps, storage, APKs, old notification, junk photo, caches, and lasting files. best booster for android

360 Security

            360° security is a cleaning & booster app for Android device which is a multiuse tool. It derives with speed booster, cache cleaner, RAM booster, and power saver. It can increase speed for apps and games as well. It also avoids hotness of the device while cleaning methods. Phone cleaner

Go Speed

            Go Speed is one of the best Android cleaner apps which can increase your Android’s performance by removing junk files and improving storage. Also, it can stop background processing apps as well by stopping unwanted apps.

Ace Cleaner

            One of the simplest and effective Android cleaner apps, Ace cleaner can offer you a new practice in phone optimization. With its importance features like Ace Boost, Battery saver, Quiet Notification, Ace Clean, and CPU Cooler, the Ace Cleaner can boost up and exploit your mobile’s performance. cleaner for android phones

Systweak Android Cleaner

            This great Android cleaner app derives with an overabundance of cleaning features. It can clean cache and increase RAM and runs periodically without customer interference if you don’t prefer doing it physically each time. Systweak’s power saver option can stop background running apps that are not being used and also displays device hotness. ohone cleaner

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