4 Steps To Transition From Graphic To Product Design

Moving from graphic design to product design, I would like to a start by saying that is exact formula or recipe. A transition, it really helped me to read a people’s stories. A going to share with you what I believe to be the steps a graphic designer needs to take if a successfully transition into product design.

Steps to transition from graphic to product design

  1. Learn

  • A graphic designer, the probably spent a lot of time on visual design, but not as much on research and data driven decision making.
  • The currently focusing mainly on print design, start by exploring digital design.
  • Learn how to transition from graphic design to product design.
  • A graphic designer with lots of research and a digital experience.
  • The understand the role of product design and how to work in the context of software development.
  1. Create

  • A complete project gives you a great opportunity to showcase your entire process.
  • The exercises can be as simple a designing two screens of a familiar app. The recommend here is not to a focus only on UI.
  • The interview to find a like about something, and then get down to it in a little project.
  1. Connect

  • Product designers, UX designers and UI designers are in high demand these days.
  • Connect with product designers.
  • A linkedIn works and make sure you have a complete profile. The recommend adding some links to a project and your portfolio here. Recruiters probably design managers certainly will.
  • Connect with other product designers, connect with recruiters in the it world, connect with developers.
  1. Apply

  • The junior positions are less common, the experience as a graphic designer to get into a semi senior position.
  • The presentations, defending your decisions, and a making compromise, and being impactful in graphic design career, you have a lot to offer as a product designer.


Sketching and drawing

  • Graphic design has some limited drawing and lots of a manipulation of lines and shapes, but product design has tons and tons of a sketching and other types of drawing.
  • The just taking a note, start doing everything by hand to get used to having a pen in your hand.

Physical models

  • Prototyping from clay or software development materials is also still a big part of product design.
  • A digital rendering, in order to a study the structure of the product and a construction need to developers the first prototype by hand.

UX design

  • The experience as a UX designer is not a requirement, it save a lot of time later on learning about wireframes and a product that UX designers use in their process.
  • Product design is the precursor to UX and UI design.
  • The necessary to extensive experience in UX design or a portfolio full of case studies to redesign a product the demonstrates the process to potential interviewers.

Importance of graphic designing

Brand identity

  • A well-planned graphic design strategy is important for a business to establish its image and a remain visually consistent to marketing efforts.
  • Good design often jumps the afraid to with your gut you see something you like.

Communicate your information

  • A sole proprietor or a multi-million-dollar company, you have a brand story like to share with the world.
  • Graphic design communicates your brand story to a target audience in the form of images, illustrations.
  • The afraid to step back from competitors are doing, actually embrace the difference in your design.

Increase your sales

  • A good graphic design will help the business gain high visibility, can lead to a increased sales.
  • Attractive visuals, effective communication of a ideas, increased visibility and a increased credibility drive traffic to your brand.


The find information useful and a resource to help you start your journey from graphic to product design. An experience and sure you enjoy it at every step of the way.