Using Your Business App to Create Customers’ Loyalty

All studies show that getting a new customer costs ten times more than retaining it. For any company, having loyal customers to their brand is the best way to be sustainable, increase their turnover and growth. Here, we will help you out in simplifying create customer loyalty through mobile apps.

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is the cost of a customer’s likeliness to do again business with a company or brand. It is the result of customer satisfaction, positive customer experiences, and the overall value of the goods or services a customer receives from a business.

For any company, having loyal customers to their brand is the best way to be continuous, develop their turnover and growth. In this sense, Smartphones have changed how companies relate to their customers. Mobile applications have become the solution to many of the needs of its users.

Customer Loyalty

Why is an app the best tool to create customer loyalty?

  • Managing updated data of the clients. It is no longer required to affect to the classic boundless and stupid forms that agitate customers. Mobile applications allow you to personalize the fields that the user must complete and include those that have the most value for him and the brand and even complete a one-click registration with the sign-in of Facebook or Gmail.
  • Connect with your users productively. Thanks to pushing notifications, you can send direct and fast messages to your users with relevant information for them, discounts, and reminders. These actions create a lot of value to the user
  • Fast and easy management of restrictions, purchases, and food orders. Performing these actions from a mobile App is very simple and helps remove possible irritation. This multiple services through an app provide excessive value to users since it is a time and money-saving.
  • Mobile devices have revolutionized how brands communicate with their customers, have contributed to building stronger and more lasting relationships thanks to functions that improve efficiency and respond to specific needs.
  • If we refer to the importance of building relationships, it is because, thanks to these functions of mobile applications, companies have managed to express an interest that goes beyond the need to sell or obtain an economic benefit: concern for the customer.
  • This does not mean that the sale is not vital to the business. Still, the true profitability of a customer is obtained by strengthening long-term relationships, making him see that behind his purchase, there is a brand that cares about him and not about your money.
  • This compatibility with a company is what makes true customer loyalty-an an emotional link with a brand that turns a one-time customer into a repeat customer, and even better, into a brand representative who brings in even more business.

There are 5 features keep the customer engaged

Create customer loyalty

Loyalty account

Where loyalty programs exist, the endemic app supports loyalty registration, login, status displays, and a digital loyalty card for in-store use. With a loyalty account feature on the app, retailers will not only create customer loyalty but also effectively act as a bridge between online and store. As with My Account, all loyalty data is corresponding with the e-commerce website.

Bespoke discounts, coupons, and vouchers

Reasonably, discounts are engaging because less money is spent to purchase a fashionable product. With the mobile app, retailers can send active and focused push messaging to their loyal customers with personalized discounts. conclusively, the user will feel valued and gain motivation to create customer loyalty.

Experiential perks

Retailers can drive strong emotional loyalty by supplying programs distinguished by experiential perks. For example, include birthday discounts, new product or sale access, invitations to exclusive events, custodian services, and more.

Push notifications

Using the power of SMS, retailers can send their customers relevant and immediately available elements. With push notifications, retailers can interact and re-enlist with customers in a highly personalized way with real-time notifications around re-established items or shipped items – making its communication channel distance more adequate than email.

Collaborative shopping

For some retailers, what makes them successful is the accessibility to offer unique value hypotheses such as wedding archives, baby shower registry, social polling, and more. The mobile app can bring that special shopping experience to the prominence of the customer’s journey providing the customer with an experience they are not only familiar with but will also make remembrance. Providing a beautiful experience for significant moments in life or meaningful purchases will produce powerful loyalty.


This function offers very interesting capabilities for small businesses, schools, clinics, or any business that wants to give its users an absolute service. You can enable user registration to approach, for example, courses, subscriptions, or a private club. You can also use this function to create user groups with a related profile and segment your products and services, particularly for each target.


Companies are doing excellent only when their customers are satisfied and faithful. That’s why having an effective customer loyalty program is an important element of business growth. Building a custom mobile app is nowadays the best way to create customer loyalty programs in practice.

It will boost people to purchase more, help you create a strong relationship with every customer, and continuously stay connected with your buyers. The biggest benefit of a mobile app for business is easily and quickly get feedback from customers and giving business updates to the customer.