AWS Lambda Vs AWS EC2: How To Choose One Over Another?

Amazon is one of the leaders in supplying various cloud services, boasting numerous dozens and counting. Amazon EC2 is one of the maximum famous Amazon services and is the main part of the Amazon Cloud computing platform that changed into offered in 2006. Amazon EC2 is broadly used nowadays, however, the recognition of every other Amazon provider referred to as Lambda is likewise growing.

AWS lambda vs AWS EC2

AWS Lambda Vs AWS EC2 How to choose one over another

AWS Lambda vs AWS EC2


AWS EC2 is a provider that lets in the use of digital machines referred to as EC2 times within the cloud and supplying scalability. You can extrude the quantity of disk space, CPU overall performance, reminiscence, etc. You can choose the bottom photo with the essential pre-hooked-up working machine which includes Linux or Windows after which configure maximum OS settings in addition to putting in custom applications. You have the foundation to get entry to on your Amazon EC2 times and may create extra users. Manage the whole thing you want to manipulate your EC2 along with rebooting and closing down the example. The class of AWS EC2 providers is referred to as Infrastructure as a Service.

AWS Lambda Vs AWS EC2 How to choose one over another

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a computing platform that lets you run a bit of code written on one of the supported programming languages – Java, JavaScript, or Python while a cause related to an occasion is fired. You don’t want to configure the digital server and surroundings to run the software that you’ve got written. Just insert your application code within the AWS Lambda interface, accomplice the Lambda feature with the occasion, and run the software within the cloud while needed, without looking after server control and surroundings configuration.

AWS Lambda Vs AWS EC2: How To Choose One Over Another?

AWS Lambda vs AWS EC2 process


 Amazon EC2: For EC2, you’ve got complete manipulate over machine-stage safety. However, due to the fact you want to configure the agencies, Network ACLs, and VPC subnet course tables to manipulate visitors within and out of the example, it may take time to make certain the machine is completely steady. 

Winner: Lambda is greater regular out of the box, at the same time as EC2 offers greater manage over protection.


Amazon EC2: When walking EC2 times, you want to intently tune numerous metrics:

  • Availability – To keep away from an outage in production, you want to recognize if every one of the EC2 times walking a software is healthful or now no longer.
  • System mistakes – Machine mistakes may be observed within the machine log report like /var/log/Syslog. You can mixture those logs to Amazon CloudWatch with the aid of using putting in the agent or use Syslog to ahead the logs to every other device like Splunk or ELK.
  • Activity auditing – EC2 wishes lots of guide configuration and every now and then it is able to pass wrong.
  • Performance metrics – You could display CPU utilization and disk utilization thru CloudWatch logs.
  • Cost monitoring – EC2 times count, EBS quantity utilization, and community utilization are very critical to display as auto-scaling can drastically have an effect on AWS billing. CloudWatch affords a few facts approximately the community utilization for example however doesn’t deliver basic facts of what number of times are being used, or how a whole lot garage and community bandwidth is used on the account stage.

How to Choose?

AWS Lambda and AWS EC2 have clean differences. Neither one is higher than the opposite, however, there are conditions in which one is extra ideal than the opposite. AWS Lambda is most usually used while facts manipulation wishes to arise on a constant basis. Let’s say which you want to add purchaser facts into the cloud, however, you want to obfuscate fabric while it lands within the S3 bucket. A lambda feature could be an excellent solution.

As quickly because the document is positioned within the S3 bucket, a lambda feature will understand that occasion as something referred to as a cause. Once that cause is pulled, the lambda will loop via the bucket and mask the facts. If this system fails for a few reasons, the report could be eliminated from the S3 bucket.

EC2 is right for growing websites. You could spin up an EC2 example, and on that example, there will be a NoSQL database that includes DynamoDB to save consumer facts. Load balancers and gateways may also be positioned onto the example to provide get entry to the internet.


Today’s weblog submit has in comparison AWS EC2 and AWS Lambda due to the fact of AWS Lambda vs AWS EC2 is a famous subject matter nowadays. AWS EC2 is a provider that represents the conventional cloud infrastructure (IaaS) and lets you run EC2 times as VMs, configure environments, and run custom applications. AWS Lambda is the implementation of Function as a service by means of using amazon that lets you run your software while not having to fear approximately underlying infrastructure. AWS Lambda affords you a serverless structure and lets you run a bit of code within the cloud after an occasion cause is activated.