What are the Types of Virtual Assistant Services?

Virtual Assistant is an administrative service for startup and large enterprises to expand the business. Before you hire somebody, you have to know what kind of services you need from them. Depending on the nature of your profession, there are different types of VA’s who can help you keep up with the organizational demands. Here some of the different types of virtual assistant that can be classified according to the various specialty they belong:

What Is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is commonly self-employed and offers professional administrative assistant, creative assistant and technical assistant to the client remotely from a home office. Virtual assistant generally provides services to entrepreneur and online business from a remote location.

Our VA will work connected with you to save your time, cut operational prices and deliver services with enhanced quality.

We offer virtual assistant for

  • Data processing

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Chat & email support

  • We trained a pool of 50+ virtual assistants to support you at all levels and maintain a relationship with your customers, patrons, suppliers, partners, other stakeholders.

Types of Virtual Assistant Service

There are mainly 8 types of virtual assistant services

  • Social Media Virtual Assistant

  • Real estate virtual assistant

  • Virtual research assistant

  • Virtual administrative assistant

  • E-Commerce virtual assistant

  • Data entry virtual assistant

  • Virtual bookkeeping assistant

  • Virtual marketing assistant

Types of Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Administrative Assistant

Commonly known as General Virtual Assistants. These VA’s are like your office managers. The only variance is that they are employed in their homes plus they can’t make a snack or coffee for you. Most busy business holders cannot keep up with all the difficulties in their industry, therefore, it is greatest to delegate the task. They can aid you to manage your communications and calendars, make information and presentations, lists, and many others, thus enable your emphasis on the core responsibilities of your business.

Virtual Assistant - Virtual Administrative Assistant

Social Media Marketing

Marketing your industry is very significant to increase customers. Hiring a social media expert is a great method to promote your business online. It is significant for companies nowadays to keep up with the newest trends for their goods and services to be visible and be identified. By contracting the services of social media dealers, they can support you broadcast your business though saving you from classy advertising payments. These experts can succeed in the company’s Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest LinkedIn, and other social media websites in the online world.

Blog Management

You may consider that there’s nothing much to do when you’re blogging. Your impartial type your thoughts away, and then you hit publish, right? That may be the case when you’re blogging as a hobby.

But when blogging develops a business, there are quite a few touching parts to keep track of behindhand the scenes. A good blog administrator starts by hitting together an editorial calendar. That way, your customer doesn’t have to struggle for a post idea at the last minute.

Customer Service

This task is a mainly crucial one to outsource to a VA, especially if allocating with customs is eating up a good chunk of the time a solopreneur could use to generate products or facilities or even manipulate for their business.
Gina covers this topic in-depth on our blog. Be sufficient it to say, here are a lot of details why outsourcing customer service makes a lot of sense, together with from a specialized as well as an individual point of view.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

These are management assistants who offer services and support to real estate professionals. Most Filipino online employees offer these types of services to the US, Australia, UK and New Zealand. Real estate professionals delegate most of the managerial tasks to their VA’s so that they can effort on selling more properties. Sideways from doing administrative works, they can also be the share of the sales support crew – apart from doing the searching, lead generation, database management to term a few. These real estate assistants are an agent’s and cost-effective method because they can now give more attention to their patrons and the home team’s requirements.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Lead Generation

If your customer’s business is sales-intensive, they will need somebody to take over the very inefficient task of making potential leads. If your client is in real estate, for instance, it would be an excess of their time to make useless leads that have no tactics of severe their services anytime soon. As a lead group virtual assistant, you have to be planned about how you do it and who contact.

Virtual Bookkeepers

These are the economic virtual assistants who help you achieve the cash flow of your business. By hiring an experienced and trusted expert, you don’t have to pressure about payroll processing and other financial areas of your business. Before commending accounting tasks to them, create sure they have the right skills and accepting – this is to avoid imprecisions. This is the common types of virtual assistant services for all business.

Basic Website Maintenance

You don’t have to be a programmer or a skilled at building websites to call by hand a WordPress virtual assistant. Websites usually start all nice and glossy, with little content and streamlined pages. As the website maintenance over time, so does the disorder. When your client’s website develops clunky, slow and unintuitive to use, that’s when you can stage in.

Virtual Assistant - website maintenance

Product Launch

This type of virtual assistants focusses on online business that launch new product or new ideas. They also understand sales funnels and do all for a positive launch. They develop their idea and that is to deliver you with all-around and outstanding service while applying team strength and best skills.

E-Commerce Virtual Assistant

e-Commerce virtual assistant is very effective for all businesses With the development of industries has enhanced the capacity of e-commerce businessmen as well. Now, they want to be more hostile in their hard work to enlarge their contestants.

Virtual Assistant - E-commerce Virtual Assistant

Setting Up Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are the best way to turn book worm into subscribers, convert subscribers into paying customs and turn one-time purchasers into recurring customers and fans. Funnels are complex to set up, but once done properly, they’ll carry in a lot of business for your client.


Hiring a trained and well skilled virtual assistant is one of the cleverest changes you can do for your business. By exploiting their potentials, they can certainly contribute towards increasing your business.

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