Top TestFlight Alternatives for Google Android

TestFlight is an online service for over-the-air installation and testing of mobile applications, presently maintained by Apple Inc and only accessible to developers within the iOS Developer Program. Generally, the best test flight alternative support for a mobile version, continuous deployment, distribution list permissions, and support for separate permissions for testers.

TestFlight for Android has been a dependable source for developers to issue and test builds of under development apps. But parent company Burstly’s new acquisition and end of Android support have developers looking for a testflight alternatives.

Top TestFlight Alternative for Android

HockeyApp TestFlight for Android

HockeyApp is an awesome app testing platform. The platform provides a lot of features from spreading to analytics and living crash reports. Mostly, if you’re an agency seeing for an all-in-one toolkit for all of your Android testing necessities, HockeyApp could be a great fit. Unlike TestFlight for android, there is no endorsement process or need for appraisal preceding to installing your Android app. One of the calmest things about HockeyApp is the fact that you can upload new types of your Android app while directing access to older versions.

TestFlight Alternative- HockeyApp

HockeyApp works flawlessly across multiple platforms and can be used to impress all of your test reporting data, the performance of an individually Android app build. HockeyApp will also provide perceptive custom data with a performance by device type and offer specific measures of where what, and how extended each tester spent using changed features within your Android app. Overall, Hockey App bids good value for cash in terms of structures and functions.


Appaloosa provides a simple and efficient way to secretly deploy and test Android app development plans. The platform offers a neat UI and the web-based interface gives agencies control of the apps they want to install, the key testers who want to be requested and actual access to post-deployment information and analytics. As an agency, Appaloosa stretches you the ability to create and modify your native app store with custom names, icons, and colors. The native app is talented in hosting all of your app plans and provides push notifications each time an app is restructured. Appaloosa is comparatively easy to get started with and provides good value for currency in terms of features and functionality.

Play Store

The Google Play Developer Comfort will enable you to beta test your Android app among specific test teams. The comfort also allows Android developers to exposed your test to the current Google Play store app users. Before you start your testing method, users will need a registered Gmail account or a Google Apps account in the direction to join. It’s value noting that if you choose to make any changes to your app’s rating and distribution page, it will affect your app’s present and upcoming production and also your alpha and beta versions of the app.

Play Store- TestFlight for Android

Google also commends that you distribute either an alpha or a beta app before you launch a creation APK. Once you’ve published your alpha/beta APK for the initial time, it may take a few hours before a connection is available so your selected test group can try out your app.


TestFairy If you’re an agency developing Android apps, Test Fairy provides a lot of great features. Initially, you’ll get loads of data sent to your dashboard straight from the app. This gives you the capacity to examine hardware performance in terms of CPU custom, network bandwidth consumption, telephone signal, and battery performance. This is great because it stretches you the capability to optimize your app crosswise a wide range of various device types and keep control over your project. On the whole, TestFairy has a smooth and intuitive UI/UX when related to some of its contestants and offers you real-time analytics at the touch of a key.

TestFairy for Android


Apphance was developed by UTest back in 2012 and offers TestFlight for Android developers with a powerful mobile testing toolkit that works across most of the main platforms. Using Apphance, tasks that formerly essential a range of dissimilar tools can now be achieved under one roof.

TestFlight Alternative - Apphence

Apphance affords great testing topographies but is also prepared to enhance your pre-production development effort, making it a great choice for mobile agencies looking for an end-to-end solution. Apphance provides a variety of features as well as over-the-air app delivery, in-app bug reporting, crash reporting, and customer feedback.


HockeyKit is the self-hosted, open-source type of HockeyApp. The problem of HockeyKit is that its only accessible for iOS and Android as it has fewer features. But if rather free and simple you want, then it’s a great tool for you.

Beta Builder

Beta Builder is a simple frame when it comes to comparison with Apple’s TestFlight alternative. As with TestFlight, you can issue apps over the air but that is complete without any decorative interface. Unlike TestFlight alternative, creativity ad-hoc supply is free in Beta Builder. You can even boundary beta testing in-house to stop security issues.


when it comes to testing apps for Android, particularly if you’re looking for a simple TestFlight alternative, unfortunately, there is no silver bullet or magic solution. When choosing an Android app challenging toolkit that works for your mobile agency, choosing the right platform will depend upon the supplies of each of your app business.