Software Testing and QA Services

Software testing and QA services ensure to reduce the cost, mitigate risk, enhance user experience levels by providing creative solutions to improve product life cycle.

What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is the process, to check the functionality of software applications and find whether the software is suitable for the requirements or not and to classify the defects to ensure that the product is defect-free to produce the quality product.

Software testing is used to find bugs, faults, and design errors or requirements to check the exact requirements. Software testing preforms manually or using test tools. Software testing also called black box and white box testing.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is commonly known as QA Testing, is defined as an action to ensure that an organization is as long as the best possible product or service to customers. QA efforts on improving the processes to distribute Quality Produces to the customer. An organization has to ensure, that process is effective and performing as per the quality principles well-defined for software development.

Our QA experts are proficient in multiple software testing services and technologies, tools, platforms, and standards, which enables us to apply integrated testing strategies and best solutions. 

  • With 10 years of experience in software testing and QA

  • Provides services for all types of testing

  • 50+ completed testing projects from the year 2010

  • We provides software testing services to companies that need the help of proven manual and automated testing professionals

Types of Software Testing

Functional Testing

To prove that each role of the software application acts as specified in the condition document. Testing all the functionalities by provided that suitable input to verify whether the real output is the same as the expected output or not. It uses within the skill of black-box testing and the testers not worry about the source code.

Software testing -functional testing

Unit Testing

To prove that each role of the software application acts as specified in the condition document. Testing all the functionalities by provided that suitable input to verify whether the real output is the same as the expected output or not. It uses within the skill of black-box testing and the testers not worry about the source code.

Integration Testing

It is the method of testing the network connectivity or data transmission among a combination of unit test modules. It is AKA I&T Testing or String Testing. It is divided into submodules such as Sandwich Approach, Top-Down Approach, and Bottom-Up Approach.

Software Testing - Integration testing

Non-functional Testing

Non-functional testing is a software process to verify the non-functional aspects. Non-functional testing enables many features like stress, compatibility, security, performance, reliability and more. The main focus is to progress the user experience on how fast the system replies to a request.

Software testing - Non Functional testing

Alpha Testing

It is the most common type of testing used in the Software development process. The basis of this testing is to discover all probable errors or faults before launching it into the marketplace or customer.

Alpha testing is performed at the end of the software development lifecycle but before the Beta Testing. Still, slight design variations may be made as an outcome of such testing. Software developers perform alpha testing. The virtual testing environment can be designed for this alpha testing.

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing aims to regulate whether the software or application is available for inactivated people or not. Now inability means blind, color blind, deaf, mentally challenged, old age and other deactivated groups. Many checks are done such as font size for visually disabled, color and difference for color sightlessness, etc.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility is one of the software testing processes in which it allows how the software development and runs in a different platform, hardware, web servers, and network panel. Compatibility testing verifies that software can run on various configuration, different database, different web browsers, and their methods. It is tested by the testing person.

Why Software Testing Important?

Some of the reasons why software testing becomes a very important and essential part of the field of information technology are as follows.

              – Cost-effectiveness

              – Customer Satisfaction

              – Security

              – Product Quality


The software application can be designed for a complex system. It is not because designers are uncaring but because the difficulty of a system is obstinate. If the design problems go secreted, then it will become tougher to trace back errors and correct them. 

QA services and Testing - Cost effectiveness

It will become more expensive to fix it. Sometimes, while protective one bug we may announce another one in some other unit unknowingly. During development errors or bugs that can be identified in the initial phase of the software development process then it reduces the cost to fix the bugs or errors. 

Customer Satisfaction

In any business, the decisive goal is to give the best client satisfaction. Yes, customer fulfillment is very important. Software testing expands the user experience of an application and gives fulfillment to the customers. Happy customers mean more income for a business.

Software Testing - Customer Satisfaction

This is possibly the most delicate and vulnerable part of software testing. Testing supports in product security. Hackers gain prohibited access to data. These hackers give away user information and use it for their advantage. If your software application is not safe, users won’t choose your product. Users always look for reliable products. 

Product Quality

Software Testing is a process that helps to increase the product quality in business marketing by bringing the quality product to the customer as declared in the requirement specification documents. Software testing is a more significant and key part of the software development life cycle. A good software testing and QA service ensure to reduce the cost and risk, improve user experience by delivering a good quality solution to improve product development.

Software Testing and QA Services

The complete approach of software testing and quality assurance to help you construct a product or service through enhanced testing methods to decrease errors and faults in software that can disturb your processes. In a high edge diffident atmosphere, it is very significant to carry about a product or service with a certain quality. Testing aids to assess, validate and verify the features of the given software that protects an eye on the effort and output functionality. In many firms, creditability, revenue generation and development of the business are determined by the software testing process with joint quality assurance. 

Software testing and QA services

Quality assurance is an efficient approach to checked if the product planned, meets the exact requirements of the customer or not. Using independent foremost challenging and QA methods to test the performance, functionality, and security of the service or creation can remove faults in the early step of the development. Software testing and QA services are created to deliver good quality, the functionality of a QA service or software to increase user engagement and business creditability.

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