Best Prank Apps for 2020

Let’s face it- whoopee cushions pop and no one has ever believed their freezer could get up and run. Unfortunately, some of the old-school pranks are obsolete today due to technological developments, like unplugging the home phone on your parents or making up truths for your lovable friends. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun, as our mobile phones have opened up different ways to prank your friends and family by dragging the wool over their eyes. Here are the best prank apps to support you pull off some great stunts.

Best Prank Apps

Broken Screen

Enjoy Entertaining gifts you best prank apps Android 2019 and this app will simulate broken and damaged display with which you can prank your friend. This app will simulate a cracked screen effect to drama with your friends and this app will not damage your phone. When you touch your display, this app put on the broken screen and loud cracking sound comes from your phone.

Broken Screen
  • Broken Screen- prank: When you touch your phone screen, the app simulates the cracked screen and loud cracking sounds on your phone.
  • Broken Screen -Prank:  Realistic crack wallpaper and breaking glass sound. Crack your screen by touching or shaking. Destroy your phone screen by other effects such as fire screen and electric screen.

Fake Call

This is another best prank apps Android 2019 and it was produced by GameAndro and in this app, you can fix a fake call from any person you select and call will come from that particular person after specific time which you fixed. This app also offers some features of schedule in which you can set time to accept a fake call and you can also initial caller and can set caller name number and image. You also get a choice to add audio.

  • Fake call – prank: How to use fake call – prank: Tap call now to activate fake call prank. Tap schedule to set a timer for fake call prank.
  • Fake call- Prank : How Fake Call Works: Choose you want to simulate: Fake Call or Fake SMS. Set Name, telephone and caller photo. Record your voice: The voice can be played automatically when you lift a call. 

Scare Your Friends

This great app by Bubble puzzle games and with this app, you can panic your friends. This app has been taken by more than 2 million of persons and being valued best. You only want to choose a shocking image and scary sound, then you can set a clock after which you need to scare your friends. Have this terrifying app and scare your friends.

  • Scare your friends: “Call from hell” – Ask someone to take the call for you. Watch the victim answer the call and get a scream from hell instead of an expected “hello”. 

Magic Call

This app lets you create funny fake calls by changing your voice. This app allows you to create funny calls by the use of this real voice changer and through this app, you can create prank calls by using background dreamy atmosphere theme while speaking to your colleague.

Scary Prank

This is a great app by LibLabs and with this app, you can fight your friends. This app offers a lot of ways to panic your friends like you can catch a call from the underworld and ask one of your friends to take the call. This app also has a feature of underworld camera and in this trick, your necessity to say somebody to take your image and delay for yell from the victim and watch that his face will go white. It has many more actions also.

  • Scary- Prank: How to use scary prank: Select a scary picture of Ghost. Select most scary Ghost sound. Pickup time limit in which you want to scare your friend. Now click on start Scaring button.


Prankster is one of the greatest prank apps for creating prank calls. Earlier creating a call, this application lets you listen to the discussion that may take place between your associate and the system. Tap on the green key to create a prank call. Prankster application permits you to describe a caller ID or use prankster providing information, through which the call must be located.

Fake Money Scanner

The cash scanner is an Android application that customs the mobile’s camera to fake a currency scanner device. If you place money in front of the back camera and click the start key on the crossing point of the app, you’ll get one of the following two results:

  • Fake
  • Original

The app structure is a nice scanning liveliness. It keeps an image of the cash on your mobile.

Fake Money Scanner

Tv Remote App

If you are into the slow, indirect pranks that drive people foolish, then head on over to the app stock and take an app that permits you to use your phone as a TV remote. The great thing about this is that persons don’t have any way of knowing how the channels are moving or why the sound is increasing on its own, and so you can have a lot of fun through it.

Ghost Prank App

Ghost pranks not ever get old. This Ghost app is perfect for the Halloween but then once more it can be used at nearly any period of the year. You can use this app to add a ghost, maybe a flying girl or some other creature into a picture of your selecting. Then send that around with friends and family and see them freaking out with funny responses.

  • Ghost Prank: How Ghost Prank works: open app and recording video, We will create for you a video with ghosts appears unexpectedly at the end of the video with sounds that might startle you

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