Top JavaScript IDEs for Web Development

JavaScript IDEs are broadly used for frontend development and building applications currently. Being one of the most common technologies, it gets pretty a lot of devotion from both users and developers. Like any mature programming language, JavaScript has superior in-built tools. 

JavaScript is great. It works flawlessly with HTML5 and CSS to develop amazing front-end developments, as well as mobile apps. Newly, it is also ahead prominence in backend development with Node.js. This unprecedented growth has also carried about an array of IDEs adapting continually to keep up with technical tendencies.

What is an IDE?

An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a program shaped to help with the development. Most of the times it can be used for code excision, debugging, and computerization. The IDEs are fashioned to shorten the programmer’s work. It is destined to be an application where all the work is done. The use of IDEs became conceivable with the introduction of comforts and terminals. Before that, such software was strictly impossible to present.

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Top 5 JavaScript IDEs 


WebStorm is one of the most current JavaScript IDEs on the market. While this result from JetBrains isn’t accurately cheap, you’re receiving a powerful IDE for modern JavaScript development with clever coding assistance. Its structures include code error detection, completion, and refactoring’s for many languages like JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, and CSS.

Web Development - WebStorm IDE

The in-built debugger targets custom-side code as well as Node.js apps. Developers can estimate their code without having to departure the IDE. Testing can be completed within WebStorm as well, with a pictured report card for correct tests. spy-js traces JavaScript code to help avoid bottlenecks.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a great and light solution to develop the frontend. It can be used with many operating systems and has defaulting support of Node.js, TypeScript and JavaScript. But the setting is also suitable for supporting extensions for other programming languages. Depending on function definitions, variables, and modules, you can get very moral achievements.

Web development- Visual Studio Code

VS Code bids smart completion with built-in Git integration, IntelliSense, the aptitude to debug code directly from the editor, and more. VS Code is very extensible with a sum of customization options over its many extensions. It also offers support in lots of languages, creation it logical why it was ranked the most common developer tool for Stack Overflows.

Atom IDE

It’s a simple, yet huge text editor. You can make new packages, modification or make new themes. By default, the application has a fixed package, four UI, and eight syntax themes.

web development- Atom IDE

Atom’s JavaScript package structures include a wide collection of features, with context-aware auto-completion. The code navigation is calmer than ever with a summary view for your file, find all references, and go to meaning. Developers can also use the hover-to reveal info and the complete set of analytic tools to well understand their code.


Brackets is an open-source code editor for the web from Adobe. Since it is written in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Brackets provide a native code removal experience for developers, without any compatibility problems.

web development - Brackets IDE

Brackets are in sync with your browser and straight push code edits promptly. Developers can make variations and jump between the code and the live showing without any problems. Additionally, the Rapid Edit UI will make sure that you continually have the correct tools at the pointer, no matter what kind of code you’re evolving.

Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is an additional really exciting choice for JavaScript. It is a version of the advanced Komodo IDE with a simplified boundary. It also comes off as an instinctive tool that can be a charity for a host of problems. You can also pathway changes, check out bookmarks smartly, code folding, code blocks, and manifold selections. You can also use the smart linguistic detection feature.

Web development - Komodo IDE

Which Is More Beginner Friendly?

Atom is such that it is a script editor that was intended to help both qualified programmers and those who are just opening off their professions. They have the choice of adding keyboard shortcuts, shifting themes, connecting plugins, moving core settings, etc. This can either be completed by a GUI or the manual method. This feature, among several others, is why Atom is more suited to learners.


So, we have understood the incline of top JavaScript IDEs to use in 2019 for your web development wants. JavaScript contains several IDEs that are great, but they were detached for space in this list.

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