How Much Will It Cost to Develop an App Like Tinder or Happn

Tinder is a social dating application anywhere customers can discovery new peoples near them and also can fix a date with them, which is complete by the combined chat feature in the application. It allows customers to login using Facebook and based upon the user’s place one will start getting the profiles of opposite gender personalities. The App is available on both Android & iOS Platforms. How much will it cost to develop an app like Tinder?


It starts with selecting the platform you need to build your app on. And you want to select it cleverly as the cost and time essential in constructing the app would fairly depend on the quantity and type of development platforms you select to go with.


For an app similar to Tinder, you want to have a fully-equipped management backend to support you examine the rank and measure the performance created on different customer visit parameters. These analytics could contain checking events and actions about time and Save periods to reach essential information on customer tendencies and leanings. To get the finest outcomes out of this, the admin panel wants to be combined with tools like Google Analytics, Flurry, or Crashlytics.

Three essential key elements to creating a dating app:

                        – Plan

                        – App platform

                        – API

Quality Analysis

Once you are complete with planning and development jobs, the app would be taken through full testing and correcting to condition quality at all stages. As the application passes through the analysis procedure reaching a tolerable quality mark it is used on the app store.

Time and Cost

Based on the resulting works, incomes and time involved in developing the app we can touch increasing ballpark numbers representing the entire cost to develop an app like Tinder. While the period of development would range across 5 to 6 months considering all the resources are working loyally and concurrently on the project.

Activeness of the Account

When an account is fresh, matches a shown to it on the root of most well-known or good-looking profiles. This is complete to get them in progress by swiping right on the exciting outlines. This offers Tinder mobile app a way to stay their customers in.

When a user cooperates regularly after common taste then that activeness is also used as a reason to display matches to profiles.

App Settings And Notifications

Like any other app, Tinder allows changing the appropriate setting for the ease of usage. For example, you can allow or disable the notices as for new matches, getting mails, likes, super likes. You can also select preferable units of measurement for showing a distance.

Getting notifications can be executed via the communication of your application with Apple / Google servers. In a mobile device where the app is installed is shown on the suitable OS server and provide a certain ID. Later, the app server deliveries the app with the push notices if they come. To enable push notifications in your Android app use FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging). For iOS app refer to APN (Apple Push Notifications)

How Much Money to Make a Dating App

Subscription: Some apps offer customers a test period to use the app for free and later that period is ended a subscription payment is wanted to be paid to stay the usage of facilities. This is one of the most mutual methods to make currency

Ads: Ads are places for third-party businesses. For publicity on the apps like Tinder, which has a vast audience, publicists have to fee a respectable sum of cash.

App purchase: The in-app buying can be ended by customers to access certain special structures such as emoji’s, signs, etc. This is a method of making money for apps like Tinder.

Plans: When firms construct an app like Tinder, they save certain singular structures protected. These features can only be solved after paying a certain amount.

Cost to Develop an App Like Tinder

If you need to make your socializing app and how much does it cost to develop an app like Tinder, be arranged for a heavy budget. Tinder-like app functionality needs quite difficult structural design and long improvement. Even a simple version for one display place may consume above 1000 hours.

Cost components to create an app

App development for a single platform     – nearly 900 hours,

Backend development      – 150+ hours,

Design            – near 200 hours,

PM / QA         – up to 150 hours.