Best Chatbot Apps Powered by AI

10 Best Chatbot Apps Powered by AI

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10 Best Chabot Apps Powered by AI

Chatbots are becoming a part of normal digital life, as they enlarge on messaging platforms and are launched as digital supporters by the largest technology companies. There is a varied range of chatbots available to help you check finance dealings or the weather, establish travel or buy goods. Here we Discuss 10 Best chatbot apps 

What is the Chatbot App?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can put on a conversation with a user in natural language over messaging applications, mobile apps, websites, or through the phone.

Why chatbots are important?

A chatbot is often defined as one of the most innovative and promising expressions of communication between persons and machines. In a point of technical view, a chatbot only indicates the natural development of a question and answering system called Natural Language Processing (NLP). They offer new opportunities to increase user engagement and process efficiency by reducing the cost of service. Formulating replies to questions in natural language is one of the most characteristic Examples of Natural Language Processing useful in various enterprises’ end-use applications.

Why Chatbot Important

Our chatbot developers offer highly smart and sophisticated chatbot solutions that can be applied to various domains such as e-commerce, customer support, entertainment, delivery services or healthcare.

  • Designed for both iPhone and iPad, the apps were made to inspire creativity and engagement within key audiences.

  • Developed 25+ apps in multiple platforms

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Best AI-Powered Chatbot Apps

Lark – a Smart Fitness &Training Coach plus Nutritionist

Lark is a familiar, conversational, smart and interactive modern fitness app used to track your health and fitness. Lark is nobody like ordinary regular health & fitness apps that interact with your device’s in-built sensors and request exact inputs to progression the data.

best chatbots -Lark Chatbot

Available for both iOS and Android, Lark is a rare AI-enabled chatbots app that delivers witty proposals about health improvement founded on the data gained from the world’s leading health and sustenance experts. Lark paths your activities, lifestyle selections, and routines through your device. It asks you questions about your food habits and meal patterns founded on which it offers complete health solutions, meal plans, workout repetitive and sleeping behaviors.

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Hello Hipmunk – a stress-busting travel assistant bot

Hello, Hipmunk is generated by the online travel company Hipmunk, which is located in San Francisco. They support different technologies in the field of mobile app development and contain AI-powered apps like Hello Hipmunk. Designed to help you with flight and hotel booking for your trips, Hello Hipmunk is also accessible on Messenger, Skype and Slack.

chatbots - Hello hipmunk

Moreover, it coordinates with your email drift and calendar to improve your booking experience and permit a collaborative approach in the direction of travel planning. Operators who often see travel booking & planning as an unbearable process can be stress-free with Hello Hipmunk and bask in the fact that it also saves you time and money.

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Your Best Personal Shopping Assistant Chatbot you need help, as occasionally we all do, while shopping around, Mona is there to assist you generally. Mona chatbot is one of the most common shopping assistants in the market, Mona is from earlier Amazon-connected software and mobile app development experts.

Mona Chatbot

With its unique feature called Missions, Mona walks an additional mile to search deep through goods obtainable on online stores and bargain with you the ones that match your input criteria. Furthermore, it displays the top 20 best promotions and discounts to choose from every day, helping you save your wallet. Over 300 retailers are already related to this AI-powered chatbots app and more are presentation interest.


One of the prettiest looking chatbots which look accurately like a soft-looking penguin. This is a goal-oriented chatbot, which can serve as your happiness buddy at tough or demanding times. Being an AI-based, expressively intelligent chatbot, this works to be a release to people who are twisted up with worries. At hard times, you can your emotions and spirits to this virtual coach, which uses indication-based reasoning behavioral techniques, meditation tips, motivational interviewing, micro-actions, etc. to build mental flexibility skills in users.

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