What Is UX Writing And Why Is It Important?

UX writing creates an enjoyable read for all users going through touchpoints including UI, UX writing blueprints and writing microcopy in application websites and other virtual products for users who want to browse a product.

UX writing and what does a UX writer do

There is a characterized term that popped up in the UX design industry over the last few years called UX writing. This term frequently gets mixed up with other writing terms like copywriter and content designer. But UX writers do neither of those things. It is a writing discipline in itself and plays a very important role in user experience.

How do UX writers work?

UX writing requires a lot of thought therefore isn’t something you can just jump into it. Screen real estate is gold in website and app design, so UX writers need to carefully consider how each word contributes to the user’s goal.

What’s included in the UX writing portfolio?

We recommend creating an online web UX writing portfolio for the best results. If it is pretty new to the profession but has previous writing experience, try to include samples of that work to show that you can write in various different tones of voice when the situation requires it.

UX writer

UX writer who implements brand new information architecture and designs new content flows with the design team, so you write much more than just microcopy. UX writing encompasses a lot of different forms.

User copywriting

A UX writer creates copy for apps, websites, and other digital products that help browse products UX writer can find words for menus, definitions, buttons, labels, chatbots, and error messages or instructions in the small pieces of writing that are collectively referred to as microcopies.

Quality of good UX writing

Effective UX writing has all of the following characteristics


Good copywriting should clearly guide the user to the next step and not leave them in doubt about what will happen next in the workflow. It should never be complicated or prioritize intelligence over clarity.


Users want to complete their tasks quickly without reading unnecessary text. Concise UX copy helps them do that and it’s also easier to read.  


It’s important to make sure that your UX copy works well with screen readers and other accessibility tools.

B2B Marketing

The importance of user experience to a business cannot be overstated. Customers come to a website to complete specific tasks such as finding information or filling out an application. Good UX copy guides them through that process, helping them to successfully complete their task and user experience can cause them to leave your website. UX writing aims to create a positive experience for your customers, leading to greater brand loyalty.

Build a solid text hierarchy allowing users to scan the page content

We have already mentioned the established fact that users do not initiate an interaction by reading every bit of text on the page or screen.

Empathy with users

UX writing sets the tone for communicating a project with users allowing the creation of a human connection between a user interface and the user. The role of empathy that you can create through design is different from the role it plays in real life.

Tips for better UX writing

Evaluate a UX UI writing and try to give it a more informal and conversational tone. Here are some simple easy to implement UX writing tips that have helped me to elevate my designs without requiring a big investment of time.

Using conversational language

One of the primary goals of user experience design is to create products that feel more human. The easiest way to circumvent this barrier is to assess a user interface’s UX writing and struggle to give it a more casual conversational tone.


Although the importance of UX writing is sometimes overlooked, the field of user experience continues to grow. The worst consequence of using bad UX copy is the loss of credibility with users.