A Guide to the Types of Blockchain Projects Ruling the Decentralized Economy

The generation has to turn out to be one of the biggest innovations of the century and has given rise to various new opportunities in exclusive sectors and industries. Likes, fintech, retail, healthcare, enterprises, real estate, or deliver chain. Here, we will give you a clear knowledge about Blockchain and a Guide to the Types of Blockchain Projects Ruling the Decentralized Economy.

Blockchain era is a generation that uses decentralized ledgers to hold transaction records. The document of transactions is stored in a peer-to-peer network. There are not any vital authority desires to verify the transactions. The transactions are verified via the contributors in peer to peer networks.

Different types of blockchain

  • Public Blockchain.
  • Private Blockchain.
  • Consortium / Hybrid Blockchain.

Public blockchain

These blockchains haven’t any regulations at the participatory and validator. The main advantage of this type of blockchain is the uncontrollability of the blockchain which means that no person will have entire management over the network.

Private blockchain

As the name suggests, this specific blockchain requires the members to be invited before they can be part of the blockchain. Here all the transactions are visible only to humans who are a part of the blockchain ecosystem.

Consortium / Hybrid blockchain

As a result, several nodes will be allowed to take part in the transactions. The different nodes are to manipulate the consensus process. This is a hybrid blockchain between personal and public blockchains.

Importance of blockchain technology

Blockchain technology


Security is the number one situation for all types of online activities. Blockchain provides an excessive level of safety which makes it not possible to breach for anyone because of the decentralized nature of Blockchain.


The blockchain era could be very obvious as the whole lot is visible to all the members from the beginning to date. It reduces the chance for any sort of discrepancy inside the device due to the fact, not anything is hidden.


The blockchain era is the most reasonable monetary model available proper now inside the world. Lots of groups are now seeking to use the blockchain generation due to the fact they can save plenty of value in their economic model, it is specifically useful for banking industries.

Time of transaction is less

The transactions that take area the use of blockchain technology take very little time to complete. Within more than one minute, One can acquire or send monetary files and money. There isn’t any burden to await hours in this blockchain technology.

Increased efficiency in finance

It saves several intermediaries’ prices, and all transactions show up without delay from a person to another man or woman. In the traditional banking device, the rate is extra to process financial transactions

Types of blockchain projects ruling the decentralized economy

Types of blockchain projects

‘Fear of missing out’ blockchain solutions

As depicted from the name, this form of the task is delivered into life just to make certain that agencies do now not remain behind within the marketplace. They have not held any meeting and discussed its position in their conventional commercial enterprise model and the feasible effects they would derive from it in a particular period. Or even regarded into whether investing in the blockchain app development is beneficial for them.

It simply reveals that they’re progressive and paintings with the present-day technology trends impacting the business world. And increases the chances of your audience giving a 2d appearance to your business products/services or competitors’ fear of missing out and take the equal step.

Opportunistic solutions

The second category wherein types of blockchain projects fall is Opportunistic answers. These forms of blockchain answers are devised to clear up any known trouble, specifically related to file-keeping. They add cost to the business, even when not being operational for an extended period.

Trojan horse projects

Trojan horse initiatives additionally landed into the listing of the form of blockchain enterprise ideas gaining momentum this year. These tasks, similar to trojan horses, are attractive, backed by respected brands, and cope with the same old and wide-reaching trouble in a specific industry. But, they demand users to proportion their sensitive records and switch some manipulate in such a manner that consequences in-market consolidation for the prime blockchain owner. So, it’s miles required to invite distinct businesses of people/ecosystems to take part in its processing.

Evolutionary blockchain projects

Another type that enterprise leaders recognition upon is the evolutionary blockchain venture. As the call suggests, these tasks evolve with time. They are designed to improve over time to rent tokens with decentralized governance. The blockchain-powered platform encourages ticket buyers to download the SecuTix and TIXnGO applications. Here, the tickets are tokenized to hold a real-time file of the ticket buy and join it to the ownership details.

Blockchain-native solutions

Last however no longer least, blockchain native answers also are amongst the types of blockchain projects enterprise leaders keep in mind in 2020. Designed by using startups or extended teams of current organizations, these initiatives are supposed to bring about a new marketplace of possibilities or disrupt an existing environment. They would possibly begin with special views and facilities but are presupposed to move within the course of tokenization or decentralized governance with time.

When talking about blockchain-native venture types, the two industries that come to the limelight are Education and Sports. The Blockchain native solutions introduce new commercial enterprise procedures into the marketplace but come with important forex risks. Because of this, they are preferred handiest via those who desire to control their facts and experiment with the idea of decentralization independently.


May I hope this blog will give you a clear cut knowledge about Blockchain technology and a Guide to the Types of Blockchain Projects Ruling the Decentralized Economy.