6 SEO Marketing Trends You Need To Focus On In 2023

The rules of the SEO game change frequently and reaching the first position in the SERPs is no longer the ultimate goal. As search engines evolve, there are new opportunities to drive search traffic that aren’t necessarily related to organic search. Targeting trends such as snippet popularity, visual content, and voice search can often yield better results than an emphasis on rankings.

SEO marketing trends

  1. Content marketing

The only thing that has changed is that the algorithms are now much smarter at recognizing spam content and plagiarism. Machine learning helps the advertising platform to smartly place ads that are in context with the content of the website. For a long time, marketers took advantage of the algorithm by editing their pages using black hat techniques and writing copied content to rank higher. This has changed as machine learning understands user context and behavior at a much greater stage and is in a position to distinguish among absolutely true content material and now no longer so true content material.

  1. Things are going mobile

Going mobile is not a new trend in digital marketing, people have been using mobiles for years. Even seo technicians already consider mobile responsiveness as one of the important optimization factors. Google has finally made a major shift in its ranking algorithm with mobile indexing. This means that any website would be considered for indexing based on mobile responsive factors and mobile load times.

  1. Video marketing & live video feeds

Digital marketing saw video as a new trend and a useful tool to gain the attention of a large audience and quickly gain maximum visibility. Statistics have shown that video performs better than text and image content. Even social media channels like facebook, instagram, twitter have seen video content getting more responses and engagement rates. The company uses live videos to promote its products, behind-the-scenes, service experiences, user testimonials, live production demonstrations to users.

  1. Personalisation

Focus mainly on your customers and their experience. learn more about your customers, email ids and names are just not enough. With today’s advancements in digital marketing technology, you can be closer to your customers than ever before.

  1. Rise in voice SEO Or voice search

It is possible to answer all user questions through search engines. However, users usually don’t appreciate reading long paragraphs of content to know the answer to their question. Voice search has made it possible to reduce the amount of effort users spend in finding answers to their queries.

  1. Data-driven marketing

This new emerging technology has also penetrated the marketing domain. it has been observed that more companies are using data-driven marketing to gain actionable insights and increase their ROI. Businesses are no longer relying on traditional statistics and are moving to a more real-time approach. Marketing automation tools have enabled data analysis and results-driven marketing.


The role of SEO has expanded significantly in recent years. In particular, SEO helps consumers when they need it, and implementing robust, quality SEO on brand websites and digital properties will benefit brands and their marketing efforts. SEO has its challenges, but the opportunities it brings help the future success of any type of business and are critical to a brand’s web presence now and in the future.