Top Technologies Used to Develop Mobile App

Every business that needs to sell, support, offer service, or offer data is into making their apps available to the customers. A fine attractive and standout business app will indeed improve branding and remember customers. But apart from brainstorming how the app will function and what properties will be required, it is significant to figure out which technology will help your needs the best. Many mobile app technologies are broadly used for a precise platform or cross-platform mobile app development.

The four major programming languages that are mainly used for mobile app development are:


If you are developing something specific for Apple products, Swift is the language to pursue. It has innovative features with slight coding that can be simply maintained.


Its methods the simplistic base for most programming languages and keeps the power to make dynamic apps. The simple and active compiler grounded approach makes it a multipurpose tool that can be used for many platforms. Its parallel language, Objective-C, was previously used for app development in Apple systems.

Mobile App Development -Programming Languages


This object-oriented programming language is the certified language for Android development. This language is calm to handle and many open source libraries are made offered for users to select from.


There is no good technology to use than HTML5 if your association is looking at emerging web-frontend applications for mobile devices.


A pretty easy language to study, PHP is object-oriented and customs a three-layered model to help make dynamic mobile apps and web applications. It works great for apps that need database integration.

Mobile App Technologies                   

Native Development – Swift/Java/C# (Universal)

Emerging natively is often the only conceivable solution since it allows the best presentation and being able to income full advantage of the functionalities of the stations. In adding, this makes it conceivable to be sure of the compatibility of your expansions in the future. Certainly, whether Apple or Google, they still provide very good backward compatibility with their versions of their OS. Thus, progress made in Swift 2 will universally be relatively easy to travel to Swift 3, etc. Also, Android and Apple announced a major form of their OS each year. It is consequently necessary to be able to act rapidly when a new form releases, and, preliminary in pure native, you are sure to reach there effortlessly.

Mobile App Technologies -Native App Development

The main flaw of this response is that you need to grow two forms of the application- one for Android in Java and the further for iOS in Swift. To this, we necessity to add twice the value for each development. You will at no time be stuck, but freedom comes at a comparatively high price.

Hybrid Development – Ionic/Cordova

Many cross-platform mixture development answers propose not to re-develop the application twice, but to share significant parts of the cipher or use undistinguishable source code using an unbiased development language such as JavaScript or C#. This solution makes it likely to easily instrument requests on the two main operational systems, to the detriment of presentation.

Mobile App Technologies - Hybrid App development

Also, the conservation is made more multifaceted because it is essential to follow, in accumulation to the upgrades of the OS, the outline version informs, and you are never resistant from the framework vanishing.


Flutter is the new-fangled trending cross-platform mobile app technologies in the domain. Its customs DART as a programming language in its place of JavaScript which helps rapid and effective study makes UIs, includes highpoints and fixes errors in milliseconds. The open-source cross-platform SDK by Google covers a wide range of plugins supported by Google and permits both iOS and Android platforms to develop a mobile app.

Mobile App Technologies -Flutter App Development

List of Topmost Mobile App Development Tools


PhoneGap also is known as Apache Cordova is open-source software that uses CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript, to create native requests for multiple stages such as Android, Windows, and iOS. This background allows mixing native and hybrid code wastes which result in apps that are neither truly native mobile nor web-based submissions.


This open-source outline is the best choice to develop hardware-based apps. The stage uses HTML, PHP, and JavaScript to make native apps for iOS, Machine and Windows UWP.


RhoMobile is a powerful open-source framework that lets native app expansion for manifold stages. It uses web types of machinery like CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript and Ruby, to form apps for most foremost operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows.

Widget Pad 

Widget Pad is one of the greatest open-source settings for mobile app development. It uses web types of machinery like JavaScript and HTML5 to offer a crowd of options like foundation code editing, versioning, and distribution. This open-source framework permits mobile app technologies for Android, iOS, and web.


MoSync is an open foundation multi-platform mobile app development kit that supports programming tongues such as JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and Python. It is combined with Eclipse-based IDE and permits native mobile app technology for multiple platforms using C/ C++ programming.

Download: mosync


The adding doesn’t reflect the advantage or inferiority of a specific framework. Every tool has its fortes and limitations and an assortment of an agenda should be done as per the supplies of a project. A cross-platform mobile app development company commended with any project must strike an equilibrium between what is obtainable and what is obligatory, and go in the right way.

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