11 Artificial Intelligence Apps That Can Be Used on Android

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular developments in the science and technology field. It defines the use of human-level cleverness and accuracy to machines. Here we are discussing top artificial intelligence apps for android and iOS. You can simply use any of these apps on your smartphone and complete your work in less time.

Google Allo

Google Allo is a messaging app that permits users to take action on their Android phones via their speech. It can also be used as a speech to text app on Android devices. Users can also simply express their reactions and feelings using emojis and signs. A client can use this app to change their search history via the private window. It is suitable for people who are great tired, or idle but still need to continue working. The app’s Smart Reply structures learn the behavior of the handler and give ideas to text and photos based on the user’s typical replies.


Hound is another AI app that you would easy to use. Like to Google Voice hunt, you can use Hound by speaking naturally and get the results showed rapidly. Short of using your finger or click the screen, you can start the app by saying “Ok Hound”. Hound derives in a wide range of structures such as you can listen to your desired music or video playback curated in the Sound Hound playlist. Separately, you can common many alarms parallel and set the clock according to your necessities.

Recent News

Recent News is an AI-powered news collection app used on Android devices. Its algorithm works by studying users’ reading habits. Using your reading habit, past activities and interest, the app will keep users updated on the latest articles, news, and other relevant stuff. It helps users to stay informed and updated on subjects they find interesting. It permits clients to bookmark blogs and later distribute them to other devices so you can deliver later. 


ELSA is English Smart Speech Assistant, This is irreplaceable and first of its kind application which helps in improving the pronunciation of its users. All you have to do is input the word, and you can know the pronunciation of it, which helps you learn easily. It is free of cost and is offered in the Play Store and App Store as well.


Replika is called the best friend app. Replika is one of the most popular and progressive artificial intelligent apps. The app can have a conversation with its users just like an actual human. Its conversation appears not to be automated. The app can lean the user’s partialities, therefore its conversation that may start as generic will begin to be more exact and personalized. 

Meet Frank 

Job hunting is a very nervous routine, but this artificial intelligence apps takes charge of looking for matches. It works like this: enter your qualifications and talents and wait for reasonable search results. One more cool feature of Meet Frank is an anonymous chat with employers. It’s a great option for those who always worry about making a good impression.

Microsoft Cortana

Cortana is a virtual assistant formed by Microsoft for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft Band, Invoke smart speaker, Surface Headphones, Windows Mixed Reality, Xbox One, Android, iOS, and Amazon Alexa. 

Edison Mail

Edison Mail is also called an EasilyDo smart assistant app which is remote assistance and Artificial Intelligence apps for android and iOS mobile devices. It helps you to see traffic for your endpoint so that you can easily know when to leave for your work. Along with this it also removes spare contacts from our smartphone. You can also identify about shortest way with less traffic from your home to your endpoint. It also allows you to book your ticket for movies, hotels, restaurants, events, and others.


Ever felt the want that business requires an expenditure system that is automated? With Fyle you can do just that. If you ask any main iOS app development company, they think through Fyle as one of the best Artificial Intelligence apps in the market, Fyle helps an employee track, scan, and upload company expense related documents. It is a smart app that routinely extracts important information from the documents uploaded. This app works under the intelligent expense management principle.

Polyword - AI Apps for Android

Polyword is a unique app that is used to identify objects around us. It is a great way to entertain yourself when you’re bored by identifying objects around you. That’s not all, it’s also able to translate the object identified into 30 different languages. This app can support translation in real-time as well.


Later the release of Windows 10, Cortana is a familiar application to all. Cortana is available on Windows, is now obtainable on Android and iOS devices as well. For instance, you can list a conference and the break will be held by Cortana. Besides, it can be used to send communications, emails, search for favorite products or whatever you can search on the internet. Though, to use Cortana, you want to sign in to your Microsoft account and make a custom of it.

Stifr Magic Cleaner

Stifr Magic Cleaner is similarly one of the popular artificial intelligence apps, used to spot junk pictures on your mobile to free up some memory space. The pictures are analyzed through a sequence of machine learning procedures. Apart from that, the app is speedy and deliver results instantly. Also, you can pick the pictures by hand to erase or allows the Stifr to perform the task. The app is free and available on the google play store and app store.


Socratic is one of the best and prevalent Math and homework aid app for android and iOS users. It will support you to do your schoolwork in less time with good practices. It has a wonderful artificial intelligence feature by which it will help you to complete your homework. You have to take an image of your homework with your camera app and its artificial intelligence rapidly provides you which ideas you need to study to solve the problem in an exact way and less time. 


Leia is one of the popular artificial intelligence apps for android users which allows you to create a website without having any development skills. It is a great app established by Vybe Software LLC for Android and iOS users with both free and app to buying options. You can also use it as speech to text app on your smartphone. It has similarly a huge collection of plans to design a blog, website, landing page, and others on your smartphone. One of the best features of this app is to provide you to create a unique website without having any knowledge about the development.


Artificial Intelligence is a smart and effective method to save time and be productive all the way. The above-listed apps can help you discover the power of artificial intelligence.