10 Tips To Increase Mobile Application Conversion Rate

Mobile apps lack sufficient exposure to help with businesses’ needs for increased conversion rates. Mobile apps are the cornerstone of mobile internet usage. Optimizing mobile apps can boost your conversion rate significantly.

Mobile application conversion rate

Make your app easy to install

If a prospective client is on the fence about converting, the tiniest obstacle can keep them from it. Ensure the installation and access process are as streamlined as possible. Your lead generation and capture form is the quickest and easiest conversion rate development area.

Optimize the app for first impressions

A mobile apps conversion rate is understandably linked to the first impressions users notice on the Play Store and App Store when installing or using the app. In the first few seconds of interaction, you can tell users what your application does and encourage them to either download it or abandon installation.

Smart user segmentation

If your app doesn’t address a specific niche or group of people, you can incorporate different sections for different personas with varying interests. By quickly understanding different target groups’ requirements, you can meet their expectations, keep their free membership, and later convert them to paying customers.

Increase application speed

The standard for app load time should be 1-2 seconds. 70% of consumers claim that a page’s speed can affect their willingness to purchase. A slow-loading application reduces the chances of customers returning and instead opting for your competition.

Customize your app on each platform

If your app is available on different platforms, you need to consider the needs of each platform and platform users. The two most common app platforms/stores are Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Optimize app for store search

Your app must appear on the search list when a person searches it for the desired action to happen either downloads or installs. Optimizing your app for search is among the initial strategies that can help you boost your app’s conversion rate. Creative usage of appropriate keywords in the title, description, screenshots, and icon can feature your app directly in the app stores top browser results.

Pay attention to localization

The Internet and tech advancements have hastened globalization and brought together far and wide geographical regions. Engaging users from a particular country doesn’t guarantee the same results as using the same converting strategy as users from a completely different country or region.

Create and monitor the in-app funnel

In-app funnel is an term addressing a few major phases in a mobile app conversion campaign. Each stage in your campaign emphasizes your app users’ influence to discover and consider your product and eventually cement a strong relationship with your brand.


Retargeting is a powerful branding and conversion optimization tool that functions best ‌with outbound and inbound marketing or demand generation.

Optimize your traffic sources

The app analytics update in iTunes connect/app store connect allows you to pinpoint traffic sources driving users to your app store product page.


Understanding your audience and showing them what you do will probably increase their trust in you. By pushing trends that people love and accept, your customers will help increase your brand awareness.