What’s In A Software Development Team?

More and more software projects are successfully implemented through outsourcing. Although there are many resources on finding the right vendor or how much software development costs, one thing that is rarely covered is the structure of a software development team. And while it’s pretty clear what developers do, you might have some doubts about what the BA, PM, and PO roles are all about.

Software development team

Product manager

A product manager is a person who oversees the development process and its entry into the market. The scope of their responsibilities is quite broad: designing implementing strategies and planning monitoring product KPIs. Product managers typically set the goal of achieving company goals and objectives through their product.

Business analyst

Business analysts’ study and collect all product information, outline the needs of the target audience and act as a liaison between the market and engineers. They analyze user behavior concerns and then make recommendations for product improvement and development.

Head of engineering

The roles and responsibilities of the software development team also assume engineering managers. Technical managers also create a trusting working environment so that all team members can freely present their ideas and share feedback. They also optimize the structure of the software development team when new developers join the team and also participate in their training.

Software architect

This specialist plays the role of a decision maker regarding the internal organization of the software in accordance with product requirements and acquired resources. Based on business needs, architects design the technical and functional tools needed for product development.

UX/UI designers

User experience and user interface are closely related, but still distinct concepts. UX designers make sure that navigation and features are accessible to users and analyze the behavior of the target audience. Although these are two team roles in the software development process, the UX/UI designer is generally one specialist.

Software developers

They are the people who code the software first hand. To do this, they use different programming languages, frameworks and libraries. The scope of work depends on the level of expertise, and typically product technology companies employ mostly senior and mid-level engineers.

QA engineer

These specialists manage the testing phase of the development process. They ensure that the software works properly and meets quality standards. Quality assurance automation engineers must be aware of theory and types of testing as well as have coding skills. QAs test software using a script they have written, automating the testing process.


With ever modernizing software and product development requirements, building the right software development team has never been more important.