What It Takes To Successfully Publish Your App On AppStore?

Apple’s guidelines and standards are quite strict and entering the app store is not that easy. If your mobile app development team is interested in creating an iOS app for the app store, go ahead and read this article. We have compiled a list of points that you should keep in mind to ensure that your app gets published on the app store without any problems.

App on appstore

All links must be functional

Keep in mind that all links in your application must be functional and you should also include a link to your contact details. In addition, due attention should be paid to the privacy policy and a fully functional link should also be provided.

Equipment complete details

In the iTunes Connect App Review Information section, enter all the details needed to review the app. If some features of your application require a login, it is extremely important to provide a valid demo account username along with a password.

Do not submit an application with errors

Bugs are the most hated part of an app, which is why the Apple App Store focuses heavily on bugs and crashes. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you submit your application for review after completion and ensure that you have tested the application on multiple Apple devices and fixed any errors before submitting your application.

Fast loading

No user likes to use an app that takes much longer than usual to load, and nowadays there is a race among app developers to develop an app that downloads within 5 seconds. In order for your app to be published in the app store, the app must load in 10 seconds or less. Apple doesn’t like any app that takes more than 10 seconds.

Work well on UI/UX

It should be noted that Apple prefers applications that are easy to control, have proper navigation with an attractive user interface. UI plays a very important role in the litmus test of an app and if it passes this stage, the probability of success increases.

Do not send sample applications

Apple has fairly strict standards and does not accept demo apps. Although the app is in beta, Apple is not happy with it. So make sure your application is complete and working properly.

Always respect Apple’s instructions

So follow the rules and regulations of Apple and entering the app store would be a piece of cake for you. All these factors would help to crack the Apple App Store entry.

Releasing your application

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you can request manual or automatic release of the approved application. Auto-release is typically a rolling release that ships your iOS app in stages. This option is available if you are submitting an iOS version update and your app has one of the following states.

  • Prepare to send.
  • Waiting for review.
  • In Review.
  • Waiting for export compliance.
  • Awaiting developer release.
  • Developer rejected.
  • Rejected.
  • Metadata rejected.


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