What Services Does A Software Development Company Provide?

This process takes software from its initial conception as an idea to its final form, usually a planned structure. Software development can involve many specific activities such as requirements gathering, prototyping, modification, testing, and maintenance. Software is often developed separately from hardware and other applications, as is the case with system software.

Software development company provide

Custom software development

Large organizations often develop their own software to fill gaps in their existing COTS solutions. These are most often applications for content management, customer management, human resources management and inventory management.

Web app development

Web app development is an extension of standard software development with distinctive features such as an increased need for an iterative development process.

Mobile app development

Mobile apps or apps are specifically designed for use on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and digital assistants. They can be installed as part of the device’s manufacture or additionally delivered from a web server. Mobile developers must consider a range of display sizes, hardware and configurations due to the current lack of standardization for mobile devices.

Platform selection

Choosing a development platform is a critical consideration when developing a mobile app, with existing infrastructure and current developer skills being the most important factors.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the availability of computing resources such as data processing and storage on demand, without active management by the user. This sharing of resources allows cloud computing to achieve great economies of scale.

Software prototyping

Software prototyping is the process of repeatedly creating incomplete versions of an application, resulting in incremental improvements. This is similar to prototyping commonly done in other fields such as manufacturing and engineering.

DevOps automation

The primary goal of DevOps is to shorten the software development life cycle and consistently deliver high-quality software. Change request processing shows how DevOps can streamline operations. A user in a non-DevOps data center must initiate a CR via email or a dedicated help desk application.

System integration

System integration links system components together and provides the system with its overarching functions. The goals of system integration include improving product performance and quality, as well as reducing response time and operating costs.

Quality assurance

QA is an investigative process that informs stakeholders about the quality of an application. Software testing techniques include verifying that the software can perform the required tasks and identifying tasks that it cannot perform, which may not be a user requirement.


An organization’s proprietary software was developed before COTS software was available to perform the required functions. It is usually done at the class level in an object-oriented environment, with constructors and destructors forming the minimal test units.