11 Hacks To Grow Your Business App Organically

Traditional paid marketing would still have low conversion rates because customers no longer trust advertisers. Even many users no longer see ads due to the widespread use of ad blockers. This is one of the reasons why influencer marketing is so successful right now.

Grow your business app organically

  1. Incentives for app downloads

Customers may download your app for a variety of reasons. They will of course benefit from the features of the app, but only after they start using it. Users can thus be offered incentives, coupons, gift cards or trial services. These rewards will also encourage user interaction and engagement by persuading them to return to the app.

  1. Apply for registration

To build a decent archive of contacts, the registration request is the most effective hack, as it serves as a tracker to manage and recognize the users of the application. You can also use this database to cross sell and resell the product. To encourage users to sign up, make sure that the information requested on the login page is not too long.

  1. Correct download redirection

People find it very annoying to be redirected to a download page without their knowledge or consent, so make sure that the ads don’t affect them negatively.

  1. Include a rewards referral program

Many businesses use referral programs to add new users to their group. It also helps maintain the popularity of the app and allows you to capture the off-page market. This way, you allow existing users to do it for you instead of you pushing your incentives to download online apps.

  1. Create a sample video

Reading a long description or looking at a few screenshots of an app is not enough for someone to appreciate all the features of the app. Creating a demo video is another way to promote your app and an effective strategy for hacking app downloads.

  1. Try to generate positive reviews

When it comes to movies, shows or apps, people’s buying habits are heavily influenced by the opinions of others. For games, ratings and feedback affect how visible they are in app store search results and how likely they are to be included. You will need more positive reviews from your users to increase your app’s ranking.

  1. Well designed and user friendly

When you decide to create a smartphone app, always keep the following three main points in mind:

  • Build the app to run on almost any mobile device
  • To make it as pleasant as possible for your users and
  • Keep the interface simple.
  1. Don’t ignore in-app tracking

With in-app tracking, you can better understand user activities and preferences. The information you collect from your existing customers will help you improve and sell your product better. You can track at what point an app is uninstalled, how long and how long a user logs in per day, and are there any features that seem to be used more than others.

  1. Create a well-designed app icon

Your app icon is the first thing users see in the app store. As they browse the store, your app icon should be enticing enough for them to stop and look at your app details. Your app icon should be as honest and simple as possible, expressing your brand identity and the functionality of your app.

  1. Consider retargeting ads

Retargeting ads is the act of advertising to people who have already visited your website or interacted with your app in the past. It is a great tool for promoting brand awareness. Retargeting ads have a significantly better conversion rate than original marketing messages and messages. Retargeting helps you create customized messages that match the needs and expectations of your potential user.

  1. Develop features that are only available in the app

Having a web presence is fine, but your ultimate goal is to get people to download your app. But the moment you try to order food for delivery, a message pops up saying online ordering is only supported on the mobile app.


By following these tricks, you can make sure your app is the first thing people search for. Your app install rate and overall user value will always be driven by iterations.