Factors To Master On Selecting The Best Mobile Prototyping Tool

The market is flooded with n number of mobile prototyping tools. Every day when we go hunting for one of them, we stumble upon a dozen more and sooner or later tend to forget the one we found which was suitable for the purpose thereby making the comparison even more difficult. But just as we need the right tool to carve the best sculpture out of the stone, we need the appropriate tool for mobile as well.

Mobile prototyping tool

  1. Do you even need a prototyping tool?

The first question that you should ask yourself before you start hunting for a prototyping tool is that do you even need one or just being a part of the race.

  1. What will you be prototyping?

After you have answered the first question you land onto the next question i.e. what is it that you will be prototyping a mobile app a desktop app? A website since this is what does influence the sort of tool you might use.

  1. Prototyping mobile apps

You can always use tools like Proto.io and Axure, but there is a ‘good fit’ and ‘best fit’ and we need to be sure before we go for one. If you are going for native prototypes then you will need a dedicated mobile app prototyping tool like Form, Pixate, Origami.

  1. At what stage of design process you are?

You need to create prototypes during the different phases of development. During the initiation, there will be an early low-fidelity prototype to test a design concept and towards the later part you go for a more in-depth critical high-fidelity prototype to test a more iterated version of design.

  1. How much are you ready to pay?

Most UX prototyping tools are not free and even the ones which do have free accounts will restrict you in a number of occasions. So, it will also depend a lot on the amount of money you are willing to pay up and what features you will have access to.