7 Tips For A Successful Mobile App Launch

You need to know how your competitors are doing what they are doing and why. Developing a proper competitive analysis is the key to creating your own strategy. Using the lessons learned by your predecessors will help you get up to speed quickly. Below we discuss a tips for a successful mobile app launch.

Successful mobile app launch

Market your app now

Marketing of the app is done before the actual launch of the app. Some app owners will start promoting the app before the mobile app development is complete. Early marketing creates a positive image of the app and also creates awareness about the app. So how do you sell your app successfully to get support for your mobile app, reach out to friends, communities, influencers or create product videos and share them online.

A press kit

A press kit is essentially a resource for journalists and publishers to convince them to review your application. The kit contains all the information about the app like screenshots, images and other details. You can also include videos by uploading them to YouTube.

Reach out to beta testers

Beta testers are registered app testers in the App Store or Play Store. They can be the best source of honest feedback for your app. Make sure you take advice from testers and use it to further improve your app.

Link your app

Another strategy you can follow is to energetically link your app everywhere. When you launch the app, link it in your email, comment sections, other blogs or social media.

Switch to paid ads

Once you follow the app launch timeline, the next thing you should go for is to consider paid ads on Facebook, Instagram or any other online platform. When these ads are reflected in the news feed of every person present on that platform, they increase the chances of clicking on the app and increase revenue along with awareness of the app.

Contact Apple’s editorial team

Partnered with qualified iOS mobile app developers to enter the Apple market, it will also be helpful to introduce Apple’s editorial team and the editorial team of app review sites. When your app is featured in the Top Lists, it will get more attention from users searching for such apps, which will ultimately lead to better results.

Map the user journey

Another thing you should focus on after launching your mobile app is tracking the user journey. When you use some metrics to identify what users like most about your platform, what irritates them, why and who abandons your app, etc., you can easily plan the perfect mobile app retention strategy and take it to the next level profits.

Complete your developer page

Once you publish one app on Google Play, you can create a developer page. This will tell people more about you and your brand with links to all your apps. So when you launch a new app, list it here with details and images that will catch the attention of stakeholders who like your previous work.

Set up your reviews and rating prompts

Ratings and reviews have a huge impact on the success of your app. A high rating will encourage other users to engage, and you can use negative feedback to improve your UX.


Process, you’ll see that a good idea can stand and become successful if you put enough effort into it.  Start by knowing your market and identifying the specifics of your target audience. After that, you should start preparations and lay the foundation. You should embark on user research and test the pros and cons of your app. With the valuable insights you gather, you can go ahead and make more specific plans.