8 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Android App Bundles?

Many of the problems we developers faced like creating APKs for different API versions, device types. Starting today, developers will be able to use Dynamic Delivery to create optimized APK files that meet the requirements of the user’s device and deliver them at runtime for installation.

Android app bundle

Android launched a new official publishing format called Android App Packages that offers a more efficient way to create and release your app. It also allows you to quickly provide a great user experience in a small app, which in turn increases installation success and reduces uninstalls.

Benefits of android app bundles

  1. Downsizing

App bundles help reduce app size significantly on average, developers saw a size savings compared to APKs. You can visit the new app size report in the Google Play console to see how much your app could save. Did you know that Adobe has reduced the size of Adobe Acrobat Reader by through application development. Not only that, but some of these size savings from early adopters of app bundles are showing astounding results.

  1. Higher number of app installs and lower number of uninstalls

App size increasing would not be a problem if we had unlimited storage on our devices. But as we know, that is not the case. As the size of the app increases, the number of installs decreases. As a ripple effect of saving size by using xamarin app bundle for android, the number of app installs will increase. This also resulted in more frequent updates and significantly fewer uninstalls.

  1. Higher efficiency

Developing an Android app bundle allows you to create a single artifact that includes all of your app’s bundled code, resources, and native libraries. So you no longer need to create, sign, upload and manage version codes for multiple APK files. So, the efficiency will increase if you install a package of Android applications on your device.

  1. Faster downloads

Your app can be effectively adapted to every device on Google Play, which means that the process of downloading and installing your app will be faster.

  1. Integrated codes

With the Android Studio app bundle, you can prepare for the 64-bit version requirement without increasing the size of your app.

  1. Increased speed of engineering

The entire process of creating an application is accelerated, from the creation of dynamic and independent modules to their design, testing and release.

  1. Reduced manual effort

During Android app development, several manual activities can be completely automated. Once a development is complete, its link is automatically uploaded and shared on a specific Slack channel.

  1. Dynamic delivery enabled

Application packages introduced us to a new concept known as dynamic delivery. Conditional features may be delivered at installation time based on properties such as device capabilities, user country, or device version. This will help users customize their experience as per their requirements. It also allows us to reduce the initial size of our app and then only offer additional features to users who can use them.


The future can tell you without any doubt that the future lies in Android app bundles. As a mobile app development company, we can help you stay ahead of the curve.