10 App Marketing Strategies

Customers quick welcome message or delight them with special discount the Mailchimp makes it easy create and send your first email wherever you are.  Our cross device allows you run or edit a from your device and save progress your Mailchimp account. Below we discuss 10 app marketing strategies.

Write guest app developers blog posts

Show everyone you know what you’re talking about and share your expertise by guest posting on influential blogs. Other blogs will informative well written content that helps boost them plus you’ll be able to share your with new audience and provide backlinks boost your SEO.

Become thought leader

Start publishing eBooks start podcast or attend event panels and give your two cents on the state of your and more. Basecamp become thought leader by publishing several books and frequently as a guest on podcasts making him an expert in his field and helping promote his business. 

Offer free trials contests and giveaways

Help your users save some money and chances are they’ll show they’re by interacting with your even more. Give away promo or offer free trials increase downloads.

Find cross-promotion partner

Promotion an ad exchange where you allow another to advertise in your and it returns the favor by doing the same for you. Cross promotion great way to generate new installs and leverage your partner’s audience.

Measure your KPIs

Make sure you know how well your growing by regularly reviewing and analyzing growth performance indicators. Regularly review KPIs like your downloads, daily active users, stickiness, retention and churn get a real picture of how your is performing doesn’t lie and can give you insight into what marketing strategies are working and who target next.

Traditional advertising

A traditional to marketing can be characterized any marketing strategy commercial channel or promotional advertisement that successfully records growing business.

Create an affiliate program

Difference that affiliate programs generally offer financial incentives their affiliates. You offer content and links your affiliate partners to share with their subscribers. The Shopify affiliate program perfect of this. It offers a commission cut, quality content share with affiliates and provides support. 

Publish press releases

A robust press kit and issue regular press releases to inform potential users of what they can expect from your brand’s and you work new features. Create a press release that explains what your does who it’s for and the problems it solves.


Shows more than half of Internet traffic today comes from phones. For page promoting an it is essential that it optimized for. Fast loading correct screen size and browser are some key elements.

Use visuals and video

The impact of an landing page can be greatly increased with the right visual formats screenshots and animated demos are two ways do this.


An exceptional does not guarantee success you still need to invest time and energy in promoting it. Fortunately, you don’t have strain your marketing budget do this. Get your optimized for stores and showcase you’re expertise in dedicated forums to get positive reviews.